Atomik has received 70 Muthead Honor from 27 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
8 HURCULESC130Jul 9, 2018Thanks for participating in the league! Great member right here. Always enjoy chatting!
10 tremendous_machineFeb 28, 2018for being an outstanding and positive force in the MH community
2 jcsteel66Feb 20, 2018Thanks again for helping me out. You do good work, my friend.
2 kalledianFeb 8, 2018Great work with Pro SC's. Can you find Kiv's SC lineup as well?
3 zethiousFeb 7, 2018Very helpful with SC lineup
2 hookrightthurJan 20, 2018For the lineup. THanks bud
2 i4luvofthegameJan 11, 2018Thanks for the help
1 sturkieraDec 24, 2017Merry Christmas to a friendly and helpful BOSS brother!
3 Elswick37Oct 24, 2017thanks you sir
1 DaZeD4dAyZOct 12, 2017Glad to call you family, BOSS forever
1 holpSep 19, 2017Thanks for help with my SC Lineup!
1 sconnell87Aug 27, 2017Salary cap guru! Thanks for the help
5 c_gmzAug 20, 2017CONGRATS ON LEGEND MAN!!
1 user-5074543Aug 18, 2017great info provided - mut18 budget players
1 prestonporter53Aug 14, 2017Great guy
1 JeepindAug 14, 2017thanks for donating in memory of Alexandra for the Cancer Free thread!
1 TrumpetmonkeyAug 12, 2017awesome budget player list mate! :D
1 WizDragonXboxAug 11, 2017For working on the BUDGET BEASTS list! 0.o - WDX
1 JeepindAug 8, 2017Best Magazine on MH!!! I love your work!
1 DarrellknouseAug 5, 2017Welcome to BOSS and those magazines look nice!!!!!
1 zascottAug 5, 2017For the great Gauntlet thread and helping this community!
1 KappaspyroAug 4, 2017For all of the BOSS magazines you have done. Can you get 2 CCBs in a row?
3 Taco_NinjaAug 4, 2017For the creating the best magazine in MH - BOSS Magazine
10 MADDOG619Aug 2, 2017A great addition to the clans united pm. Ty for all you do in preping for m18.
1 sturkieraJul 29, 2017Thanks for the awesome avi to make me feel welcome in BOSS! Appreciate it man!