Antferneyyy has received 36 Muthead Honor from 10 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
2 BraskillaFeb 24, 2017to da homie who always keepin it real.
1 miket5Feb 5, 2017Ant man
2 Sal198444Jan 3, 2017Amazing GFX and funny guy
1 miket5Dec 25, 2016merry christmas
5 BraskillaJul 29, 2016#LoyalGang, Always keepin it 100, been a great friend for a long time has helped me alot with Avis
4 miket5Jul 21, 2016Hooking the new clan mates up with some great avis.
1 jjyoupkphiJul 21, 2016For making my avi without even being asked, just a real class move from a very impressive young man
4 GOPACKERS2909Jul 19, 2016Made me a surprise avi and its sick !!! Legit and A++ even though he thinks he is so sexy ;)
5 Primetime_VolJul 10, 2016Makes some of the best avis on muthead and a great friend
1 DaveyBoss88Jul 7, 2016always keeps in one hunna
5 BraskillaJul 3, 2016ma brother always keepin it real!!
3 dmvrJun 22, 2016chill ass dude
1 diimsday1044May 21, 2016Nice person , great mut header appreciate his visits to DT thread
1 curtin2curtinMay 21, 2016Great person. Thanks for being REAL It has always been appreciated.