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1 tricky80gDec 25, 2018Happy Holidays!!!
1 Tee543Nov 18, 2017Thank you, Alfonso! For trying to push me out of my funk the other day, and for your help and friendship!
1 strikeshot1Oct 7, 2017:fire:
1 TheMaddenGuru24Sep 20, 2017Used the event schedule from your filter creator quite a lot in my grind for Hekker, and just wanted to say thank you
1 user-19541905Sep 6, 2017From DPRK to ROOT
1 jjgoblueAug 18, 2017Thanks for the work on the ROOT online tools!
1 user-19541905Aug 17, 2017Thanks for everything you do for FC.
1 Tee543May 23, 2017Thank you puzzle master and math stud for the tools, the info, ROOT, and your friendship
1 josh2brazyApr 5, 2017Keep NathanJMO in line for us. Thanks for all the ROOT contributions to the community.
1 RshootsMar 21, 2017ROOT Rules
1 NotACow42Mar 19, 2017Awesome guy, great league mate, and one of the best out there. Cheers!
1 Legend69Mar 17, 2017Thank you for all your help. I appreciate it more than you know!
1 user-19541905Feb 2, 2017SFB CCB
2 Bouncer014Jan 16, 2017Chalk up 1 more creative contribution (Gameplan solver) to the MH community. Thanks!
1 Vladimir_PutinJan 13, 2017Really enjoyed the discussion...Thanks
2 user-19541905Jan 12, 2017SFB uber alle
1 tricky80gDec 27, 2016Great MHer always helping others with info.
2 user-19541905Nov 29, 2016SFB FTW!
4 Bouncer014Nov 3, 2016For all the awesome leaks, puzzles, and thought-provoking threads, and possibly the best giveaway ever! (political cartoon)
1 EndWishOct 26, 2016MF info! Thanks again Alfonso :)
1 EndWishSep 30, 2016Thanks for the BCA info! It is appreciated :)
1 Queballer4Sep 29, 2016Always looking out for the community, thanks Alf!
1 RshootsSep 24, 2016For handling the EA debunk claims of your game plan post in an honorable way
2 Tekhed1Sep 24, 201625% my ass,great work as always Alfonso.Thanks
2 Legend69Sep 24, 2016Thanks for always looking out for the community. It's greatly appreciated!