Ailman has received 230 Muthead Honor from 76 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 josh2brazyJul 5, 2017I am late but congrats on Legend!
1 MakerJul 4, 2017Looked back out of curiosity to when I joined to see the first who recommended me to join BBU, thanks a lot for helping me get here!
1 DavisthefreemanJul 3, 2017Thank you for the mhc donation sorry I can't donate any i am out
1 Clippers32BGJul 2, 2017Thank you for helping me win that ccb and being a great member of the site
5 feedthemonsterJul 2, 2017I scan through these post everyday and i see you going above and beyond. You are the epitome of [RISE]! Way to go bro!
1 tricky80gJul 1, 2017Thanks for helping out with the thread. It is truly appreciated
1 LSUmcJun 29, 2017Thanks for SwiftKey suggestion
1 Throw_up_tha_XJun 29, 2017Thanks for updating the ccb list! Also.. go bak to al bundy avi! Lol no ma'am
1 Ophie83Jun 24, 2017Always swooping in with the RAOK
1 bank_ballersJun 23, 2017Courtesy of verdunbuldogs. Thanks for helping him out.
1 LBJJun 18, 2017We had our little "discussion" but at the end of the day, such a respectable and positive guy in the community, keep up the awesome work!!
5 Bouncer014Jun 18, 2017Long overdue for such a generous, positive, helpful MHer. I know you don't do any of it for the honor, but still, 100 is kinda sexy, eh? ;)
2 tricky80gJun 17, 2017Thanks for helping on the thread!
2 Jesse102999Jun 9, 2017Rise
1 user-100013122Jun 7, 2017for being everywhere
1 MeMike84Jun 6, 2017a token of my appreciation for the random MHC :)
2 feedthemonsterJun 5, 2017Thanks for the help bud!
1 Jbrinson7Jun 5, 2017Thanks for all you do for RISE and the community as a whole! Congrats on Legend status.
2 dadejazzJun 5, 2017supportive and great MUt brother
1 BigMeanPossumJun 2, 2017Awesome thing you are doing with RAOK, not just me, but for the community. Great to see, thank you.
1 MarceloMay 31, 2017One of the greatest around! I'm glad to be in the same clan as you :)
2 MeMike84May 28, 2017recognizing how helpful you are to new members with such informative links!! a true valued member of this community!!
4 xVxViiP3RxVxMay 25, 2017congrats on legend
2 MadMeezyMay 24, 2017Congrats on that Blue Banner
5 AllThoseTDsMay 23, 2017Congrats on legend!