Ailman has received 230 Muthead Honor from 76 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 EndWishJan 1, 2018New Year's Honor
5 dadejazzDec 8, 2017great mut brother
3 JTCarpenterDec 2, 2017Thanks for the 18-point tournament win! :P I beat you and THEN I get a network timeout. Anyhow, keep up the helpful work in the community!
1 TallbullNov 24, 2017RAK
1 RWatts35Nov 10, 2017Thank you for being a voice standing up against EA
5 MaddenPimpOct 19, 2017Thanks for all the good feedback and good stuff!
2 tricky80gOct 15, 2017Thanks for all you do for the site
1 Shuggy101Oct 7, 2017Helpful links and nice welcome message
2 Bouncer014Sep 30, 2017It's "clear" to me that you deserve some honor! Get it? "Clear?" Lol lol I'm so hilarious! :P
2 Atlanta_SlymegamindSep 25, 2017Good man!
1 OhCaptain19Sep 22, 2017For handling yourself with class and dignity
1 Dylanh0024Sep 19, 2017Awesome clanmate, always helps out the community with g/a's, RAOK, advice, and jokes lol. Thanks for everything :)
1 t1j2mSep 18, 2017thanks for an easy/smooth transaction and friendly rate on the MM coin deal plus an asset to the community in many other ways also
2 saintsfan42Sep 13, 2017A very Good friend. And also a very good member of the CLAN always thinking of the CLAN. Ty
3 hawksocksAug 30, 2017Random act of kindness returned. Thanks man!
1 EinsOnCAug 27, 2017Grats on 15K and for being an awesome member of the community :)
1 trashingthecampAug 26, 2017A generous member of the community.
1 Taco_NinjaAug 9, 2017I always see you helping people out...Kudos!
1 Swing4TheFencesAug 5, 2017Way to represent RISE with a clever and great giveaway this week. You're one of the best we have to offer.
1 ryman10210Jul 29, 2017Always there to share an information "welcome package" for new MH members.
1 LennokxJul 23, 2017Steelers Nation! Passing joy along to my Steel Brothers. Stairway to Seven!
1 sullysullinburgJul 16, 2017Fastest player finder this side of the Mississippi
2 BlittzburghJul 15, 2017Good game yesterday bro
1 donthavethetimeJul 13, 2017thanks for the RAOK
5 Bumpon10sJul 6, 2017The ultimate team player, RISE up brother!