Ailman has received 223 Muthead Honor from 72 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
2 JTCarpenterAug 21, 2019For continuously assisting the Madden Mobile Community on Muthead with suggestions. Thank you for all you do bro! Appreciated!
1 JeepindAug 5, 2019Welcome Package is still the best thing on MH... thanks for doing that!
10 Cam_6Jul 12, 2019Thanks for helping me get back into MH after being off the site for a couple years :)
4 saintsfan42Jun 1, 2019Keep up the great work.. Thanks for being a big part of RISE.
1 Ccrane9May 27, 2019Thanks for sharing your story. Congrats on the big life change.
1 HangOnSloopyNov 2, 2018Quality poster with good humor!
2 mabaeyensSep 17, 20181x making me discover the BBU 1x posts about EA research on algorithms
2 sguti040Sep 16, 2018Thank you for finding this information re: EOMM
4 Bouncer014Sep 4, 2018For a long-time great MHer whose honor count is starting to annoy me. :P
4 TorchBeakAug 7, 2018For your positive presence on both Forums!
1 WarpedChewieMay 10, 2018Because you’re an awesome guy!
1 dadejazzApr 11, 2018good brother
5 saintsfan42Mar 22, 20183 years on Muthead. Congrats
1 mmEricmmFeb 20, 2018Thank you.
1 RshootsFeb 9, 2018Welcome package
1 verdunbuldogsFeb 8, 2018for a bandwagon eagles fan lol
3 JTCarpenterJan 29, 2018Very classy and informative member of this community! Thanks for all you do!
10 SpudJan 11, 2018Continue being a positive influence here man, they need you!
5 saintsfan42Jan 10, 2018Keep Up The Great Work. RISE UP
3 JTCarpenterJan 3, 2018Gotta send you some honor because you are always helping people out. Keep it up bud. :)
1 EndWishJan 1, 2018New Year's Honor
5 dadejazzDec 8, 2017great mut brother
3 JTCarpenterDec 2, 2017Thanks for the 18-point tournament win! :P I beat you and THEN I get a network timeout. Anyhow, keep up the helpful work in the community!
1 TallbullNov 24, 2017RAK
1 RWatts35Nov 10, 2017Thank you for being a voice standing up against EA