Aggie_19 has received 51 Muthead Honor from 14 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
2 MabenxSep 22, 2017Thanks for being a great friend
1 NickgoAug 12, 2017appreciated how you handled things today. you're more than a great clan mate
1 GoBears54Aug 8, 2017A great clan mate and one of the best guys on the site.
1 madtiger925Jul 14, 2017Thanks for helping out with the Autism Awareness Giveway
3 JTCarpenterJun 3, 2017For a wonderful friend and a great member of the community! Thanks for your contributions!
2 SportsFan5000Jun 2, 2017I'm excited that you've come out of retirement back to MH!
2 SportsFan5000Jun 2, 2017You were my first friend on this site, and you've always been a great person to be able to talk to.
1 NickgoApr 5, 2017Have appreciated talking to you and you're a solid guy
6 JTCarpenterMar 4, 2017A great clan member and person in general. I appreciate everything you have done for me my friend!
10 JTCarpenterFeb 11, 2017An amazing person, clan mate and especially a unique friend. This man deserves more honor than 10! Positive member of the community!!!
2 DaBears4LyfeDec 21, 2016HERO
7 JTCarpenterSep 22, 2016Amazing clan mate and community member! Deserves this honor more than many people!
1 BleedervalveMMSep 17, 2016Being a great leauge mate!
6 JTCarpenterAug 26, 2016Such a lovable clan member. Let me double his honor because he deserves it! Love ya Aggie!
1 TheBaconAteHerAug 25, 2016For being a great league member and sharing his outstanding coin making methods with those less fortunate.
1 Mooks101Aug 7, 2016Great guy right here! Proud to have in Hero, this is for everything you do man. Im quite impressed on your 5 GPA in High School!
1 Klee9163Jul 8, 2016Many things to thank you for. Great league admin, great clanmate, great guy, but I'm most proud to say you're a great friend. Thank you.
1 Bigbluehouse1Jul 2, 2016RIP Kate
1 EightenderJun 11, 2016For coming up with a good pack bounty.
1 Swing4TheFencesJun 2, 2016Great member. It's my pleasure to award you with your first MH Honor!