AJGPHILSFAN22 has received 27 Muthead Honor from 9 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
10 yusuf1180Aug 16, 2017he does not like me being stupid, so he won't let me say stupid sports stuff
1 GOPACKERS2909May 6, 2017Good dude right here, A++
1 LordKakuzuApr 25, 2017Always fun talking to Aj about sports and Madden and happy to call him a clanmate and friend. Only bad thing is he's an Eagles fan. ;)
1 SchwagzorJan 21, 2017First honor of the new year! Thanks for being a great [HIT] clanmate!
1 SchwagzorDec 18, 2016Very generous with your giveaways. Great guy and amazing [HIT] clanmate!
3 xBengalsx18Oct 31, 2016Very respectable guy who deserve recognition
2 SchwagzorOct 8, 2016Great community member and awesome HIT clanmate. Happy to have met you :)
1 pinstripesSep 20, 2016Sweet Harambe post!!!!!!!!
3 dmichalikApr 14, 2016Congrats on legend! Great work AJ :-)
1 lachrymotionApr 13, 2016Another token of honor for a great member, and awesome giveaway. Legend status is well deserved for AJ.
1 EightenderApr 8, 2016AJ is just great. He has helped make me a better Madden player. I can't say enough about this guy.
1 lachrymotionApr 8, 2016Great clanmate and great member of the community. MH is better w/ AJ around!
1 dmichalikApr 7, 2016Honor token for my fellow NFC East fan- thanks for helping me with my mut team earlier this year!