1234Ruined has received 113 Muthead Honor from 35 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 t1j2mFeb 18, 2020one final recognition to a deserving member before the move
2 Fitz097Nov 21, 2017HITSquad!!!!
2 buggyfreshOct 18, 2017for being a good helpful member
2 HitmanhavocOct 12, 2017Eminem
1 Fitz097Oct 6, 2017#HITSQUAD!!!
2 prestonporter53Sep 30, 2017Great guy
2 papichulo2358Sep 14, 2017Thanks for the deal. Quick and smooth!
1 LordKakuzuSep 8, 2017#HITSquad #DefensiveCoordinatorOfTheYear Thanks for everything Ruined. Great friend right here!
1 AJGPHILSFAN22Aug 25, 2017Good guy ruined with the nice Calvin giveaway, whataguy
7 lachrymotionAug 25, 2017He's so "BBB" he's doing 2 giveaways in as many days! Ruined is the man.
10 Tdunks72Aug 22, 2017Thank you for the madden giveaway
1 LordKakuzuAug 21, 2017Best Farmer in MUT? I say heck yeah! Thanks for everything Ruined! :D
10 yusuf1180Aug 16, 2017he is like a dad to me
1 Fitz097Aug 13, 2017Amzing friend thanks for making my first year in mut amazing go niners!!!
3 dadejazzJul 5, 2017always a helpful and supportive community member
1 sirjibbaJun 15, 2017Great clanmate and good conversations
1 Busaking27May 13, 2017Great mhc/coin deal quick and friendly
1 GOPACKERS2909May 6, 2017Pretty good guy for a Niners fan ;)
1 FemLocMay 6, 2017Thanks for the coins
1 SchwagzorApr 9, 2017Thanks for helping with my icon! Great clanmate!
1 dmichalikFeb 27, 2017Honor for a great clan man- and solid MH community member!
1 EVILKNIFeb 27, 2017Happy bday lol
1 Fitz097Feb 18, 2017Great Member and clan mate. Always gives me advices when i need it.
2 ST3313R_NaTioNFeb 15, 2017Good guy!
1 t1j2mFeb 3, 2017always enjoy talking on slackchat and appreciate all you do to keep MH a fun/helpful community be a part of