[BOMB] Band Of Misfit Brothers

Leader: Blucky430

Band of Misfit Brothers AKA B.O.M.B




We here at B.O.M.B consider ourselves to be brothers from other mothers. We all have come together recently with the goal to become one of the finest clans Muthead has to offer.   Through our commitment to being excellent community members we will achieve this goal. As a clan we are new however as member we have all been around MH for a while.  B.O.M.B was established with a few goals in mind. Our goals are simple, we want to be an asset to the community through our expert knowledge of the card market, our commitment to helping other members without prejudice or preconceived notions, as well as a place everyone feels comfortable and has a say so. We are a very chill group and believe every voice in the clan carries the same weight. We make our decisions as a clan and not as individuals. Having said this all new clan membership will be considered through a clan vote. In order to gain entrance into B.O.M.B you must receive an 80% clan vote among members of the clan.  We are looking for the best of the best here and will not falter from this.


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Member Rank
brettsrh Founder
reign419 First 11
DirtyBirds4 Founder
xxNerNerxx First 11
badbrad427 First 11
indyjs9987 First 11
s3pultrib3 Founder
jacquito69 BOMB squad
matt3352 BOMB squad
IndyKyle78 BOMB squad
Tallbull First 11
Blucky430 BOMB squad
OneNationRaiderNation BOMB squad
alleneburch BOMB squad
jb031282 BOMB squad
rocketismail75 BOMB squad
Dusty3047 BOMB squad
MJL_88 BOMB squad
HailState252 BOMB squad
Dale9876 BOMB squad
Tomsonb19 BOMB squad
robbyoli3 BOMB squad
dadejazz BOMB squad
Rock1981 BOMB squad