[RLTY] Royalty

Leader: Busaking27

Introducing Muthead's newest clan and the place to be ROYALTY! 


Minimum Requirements to Apply:

750 Posts

75 OVR

Would prefer a Vouch Page with some Vouches (Negotiable for now)


BusaKing27 – Leader

XB1/PSN: Busaking27 on both

Twitch: twitch.com/Busaking27 

Team: KC Chiefs 


Persiann – Co-Leader


Team: Houston Texans


THEcrispycrusher – CO-Leader

Ps4: THEcrispycrusher

Team: Pittsburgh Steelers


Omgsmite – Founding Member



LilytheLab – Founding Member

Xb1: Lilythelab

Twitch: twitch.com/Lilythelab 

Team: Dallas Cowboys


KansasTrev - Member

PSN: KansasTrev


Team: KC Chiefs 


Mothalien - Member



PrimtimeXLVIII - Member



TexansRocketsAstros713 - Member



Member Rank
Busaking27 Leader
THEcrispycrusher Leader
Persiann Leader
omgsmite Founding Member
LilytheLab Founding Member
KansasTrev Member
mothealien Member
PrimeTimeXLVIII Member
Pingeye3 Member
buggy3663 Member
Captahaha66 Member
jordan21215q Member
VCurt43 Member
Nikelz81 Member
TexasClutch Member
Grayson84 Member
arif4510 Member
ralphy15nz Member