Leader: EaMillion


Welcome to the [STUD] Clan Page! Here at [STUD], we are here to have a good time while staying one of the most legit and trusted clans on MH. This is a no-BS clan with legit members of many different fan bases, console's, and they are all great members of the MH community. We strive to help the community as well as our clan members making MH a better and more interactive place. We hope to have you here as things will only get bigger and better! If you're interested in joining, feel free to PM EaMillion (BOTH).


Clan Ranks:

Founder: Founders of the clan

Recruiters: Our members that recruit new members into the clan

GFX Artist: Our clan graphic designers

STUD: One of the awesome, average STUD's in the clan


Minimum Requirements to join [STUD]:

75 MutHead Overall

10  Muthead Coins Vouched

Currently active in the MutHead community

2  Muthead Coins Fee to join



EaMillion- 2 Muthead Coins

D2KDuFFy- 0.1 Muthead Coins

GoLakersYug- 0.1 Muthead Coins

Socksfly- 1 Muthead Coins



Member Rank
EaMillion Founder
bossmode24 O.G. STUD
broncos2270 STUD
themarksman13 STUD
PeeWeeSwartz STUD
Nick_Thor STUD
JacoBee93 STUD
alequac123 STUD
eericcartman STUD
yankeeschamp2 STUD