[MIND] Moving in New Directions

Leader: RusselWilson3

                       Welcome To MIND




Welcome to the new and improved MIND clan! MIND will be run by myself, RusselWilson3! We are looking for legit and active members! We want to be a top clan here on MUTHead and will not stop until that goal is fulfilled! All consoles are welcome! We are more than a just a clan, we are family. A family that you can trust and share anything and everything. Do you think you have what it takes to be a MIND member? 


If you are interested, please message our official recruiter Chargersrock54!


Fee to get in the clan is the usual 2 MHC. We used to let in members for free due to the open slot problem, but don't think that means we aren't going to be very selective with our members and extensive background checks will be run by the highest members in the clan before acceptance because we want this to be a quality over quantity clan.


For clan activities we plan on holding lots of giveaways, monthly raffles, and in-clan tournaments with prizes going to the winners or members who show outstanding commitment to the MUT community that has done so much to get this clan started.




No Scammer Accusations


75+ OVR


500 posts


3 months 





If you met the requirements, feel free to contact RusselWilson3 or any other member! Remember, all requirements are not mandatory, if we feel you’ll be a good fit, but don’t meet the requirements, you will be accepted.





MIND Leader: This rank is unattainable, it is reserved only for the founder of MIND.             

Senior Member: This rank is for those who have been in the clan for a long time and requires you show activity, reliability, trustworthiness, and passion in order to be attained!

Member: This is where ever new member starts out. From here, you will need to earn the rank of "Senior Member" and the +2 boost that comes with it. Activity, reliability, trustworthiness, and passion are all required to move up to "Senior Member"

                                                                                   MIND Clan Sigs (In progress):








Member Rank
RusselWilson3 MIND Clan Leader
generalmyrick Senior Member
the_antiriced Senior Member
Baseballer1271 Senior Member
TheBingoBalls Senior Member
Nuggiesmania Senior Member
AwwFish Senior Member
mistermoravec Senior Member
Wonderpuddle25 Senior Member
Brosephus1 Senior Member
bpensbm Senior Member
redspeed3 Member
GBeagle88 Member
leeennny Member
RedditRobotsaur Member
Dk_3 Member
Manzielnation Member
cooltag4 Member
wardulack Member
Brother_Mouzone Member
groove_merchant Member
Coolyo1456 Member
cowboys1570 Member
Mittins52 Member
OBJ_The_Beast Member