[BOLD] Brotherhood Of LegenDs

Leader: Legend69

Welcome to the Official clan page for the Brotherhood Of LegenDs [BOLD]!


[BOLD] is a Brotherhood Of trusted, active, and mature Muthead members that have the main focus of helping out others and contributing to the community. This is a no drama, fun, and caring clan.  This clan is meant to be for the special few who have truly distinguished themselves around the Muthead community. [BOLD] is not meant to be a stepping stone to another clan, but to be the final resting place for the truly LegenDary.



Must be...

  • -Active, legit, and chill member of the community!
  • -Mature, no drama individual. If you get offended easily, or enjoy creating drama, BOLD isn't for you.
  • -85+ Overall
  • -Member for 2 months
  • -2000 post minimum
  • -15 MHC or higher on vouch thread (must be verified on the Master Vouch List)
  • -Must receive 75% Board Approval
  • -These requirements can be negotiable if a Senior Member vouches for you, and you are approved by the board.


A fee of 2 Muthead Coins is required to join.  We're sorry, but no refunds will be issued.


Member Rank
Legend69 LegenDs Leader
Mikeymo48450 Founding LegenD
ddhans12 Founding LegenD
Mediocre_Gent Founding LegenD
markymarkmfb Founding LegenD
xXDENISONXx Founding LegenD
Queballer4 Voting LegenD
Forte_Oz_to_Freedom Voting LegenD
HeelsWH Voting LegenD
Dean LegenDs Recruiter
JayVW318 LegenDs Recruiter
7bigjd4 LegenD
PokerMutt LegenD
eddiewouldgo LegenD
stairwaytose7en LegenD
nymrdr730 LegenD
mesaia611 LegenD
Greencheese40 LegenD
myleskelsay LegenD
Buffcoat48 LegenD
hansenm72 LegenD
Golubulog LegenD
srs38 LegenD
DruNp LegenD