[HIT] Honor Integrity Trust

Leader: Eightender


About Us

  • HIT is about maintaining one's Honor and Integrity and Trust at all times.  We are a mature, but fun clan.
    • - Chat: Very active Slack chat, Clan PM, PSN clan message group
    • - Fantasy Football League
    • - Game Improvement: Strategy discussions, Lab Partners
    • - Giveaways: In addition to forum giveaways, we have private giveaways in clan chat.
    • - Loans, discounts to each other
    • - Excellent graphical artists  
  • We are a family and have positioned ourselves to be the last clan one joins. To maintain the family feel, we are limiting our clan size to 40 members.

Insurance Policy

After one month in the clan, we will insure our members for one (1) MHC on anything vouchers do not cover.  The insurance will increase by another MHC each additional month the member is in the clan until they are in the clan for five (5) months at which point the policy maxes out at five (5) MHC.

Requirements to Join, the Process and Expectations 

  • We are looking for members who participate regularly in the Muthead community, are respectful of others and considered legitimate.
  • Gold OVR - We look at the person, not necessarily their OVR; however, Overall is a reflection of participation within the site.  Due to our being close to the maximum members we are seeking, new applicants should have at Gold OVR at this time.
  • Honor - We also require new members to have one Honor from someone outside of HIT clan. (We don't want our members giving out Honor just to get someone in the clan). Having Honor shows us that you are someone who has made good contributions to the Muthead community which is what we care about most. 

        How to Apply

  • Contact any member of the clan.  (We don't have set recruiters, you can talk to any one of us)
  • They will send you a link to our HIT clan application which you can fill out online.

       The Process

  • The clan member you contact will inform the clan leader who will perform a preliminary review of your member profile.
  •  Once the online application is completed, an announcement will then be made in clan chat and members will be given 24 hours to speak up if they have any concerns about your application. During the 24 hour period, a more thorough review of your Posts, Vouches or Rep thread will take place.
  •  You will be notified of your acceptance or why we feel we can't accept you at this time.
  •  A 2 Muthead Coins donation to the clan is required upon acceptance. Depending on the situation, the clan may loan the candidate all or part of the donation.

       Once Accepted

  • Members are expected to participate regularly in clan chat.  Daily participation is not required but you should be active enough that all members are familiar with you and feel they know you.
  • Site participation is also expected. 

Graphical Artists 


Consoles and Vouchers

(Click member name for a link to his Voucher thread)

  • PlayStation 4                           Madden Mobile                       Xbox One

  • EightEnder                                Yusuf1180                               Seabass514
  • LordKakuzu                              Ph33rTrey                                LachryMotion
  • AlexS99                                     AlexS99                                   Hatman11 
  • Acura2nv                                   Dabers57                                 Eagles4Life4Ever 
  • Hackel4                                     Eagles4Life4Ever                    Cromp90
  • AJGPHILSFAN22                    Gobears21                                Dillonwurtz
  • dmichalik                                  PhillyEaglesInMM                  Sirjibba
  • LachryMotion                          Fitz097               
  • 1234Ruined                              Ccrane9                                    Xbox
  • maggow23                               pbf_three                                  Jdogcal13
  • charrop96                                Jdogcal13                                 Stunner1969
  • Srmbubche                              Rdonn27                                    
  • TDunks72                                Sunboy999                              PlayStation 3
  • Schwagzor                              TDunks72                                 LordKakuzu
  •                                                    Hackel4                                   PhillyEaglesInMM
  •                                                   Mad_Doctorr                            
  •                                                   MGOBLUE03
  •                                                   Blanko87
  •                                                   GOPACKERS2909                                            

Clan Financials

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Clan Signatures



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Member Rank
Eightender Honor Guard
Ph33rTrey Honor Guard
yusuf1180 Honor Guard
Dabears57 Honor Guard
Eagles4Life4Ever Honor Guard
LordKakuzu Honor Guard
dmichalik Honor Guard
Fitz097 Honor Guard
JdogcaL Honor Guard
stunner1969 Honor Guard
Ccrane9 Honor Guard
Hatman11 Honor Guard
MVPFoles Honor Guard
Acura2NV Honor Guard
Seabass514 Honor Guard
Mad_Doctorr Honor Guard
GOPACKERS2909 Honor Guard
pfb_three Honor Guard
SUNBOY999 Honor Guard
Blanko87 Honor Guard
chargersrock54 Honor Guard
cromp90 Integrity Defender
rdonn27 Integrity Defender
Tdunks72 Integrity Defender