[MHB] MutHead Bettors

Leader: Snickhum

Talk sports betting, and pick'em. A chill group of people that enjoy betting and making MHC!

WE DO NOT ACCEPT LOANS! Do not loan any member of MHB MHC unless Snickhum or DodC is in the PM! Thank you!


The cost to join MHB is 2 MHC

-500+ posts

We run the sports betting on the forums, we give out periodic MHC to clan members
Our goal is to have fun, be stress free, and give back! 

Snickhum: 63 Muthead Coins
Smoohv: 2 Muthead Coins
Patriots414: 2 Muthead Coins
Ericmc6: 10 Muthead Coins
Jasbir204: 2 Muthead Coins

Donofdacourts: 2 Muthead Coins

If you want to join, contact any MHB member, we are a big family! Looking forward to hearing from you!

inactive for 6 weeks straight will get you kicked from the clan. Unless you tell us


Member Rank
jasbir204 Member
tdallday Member
HonoluluBrew Member
AKrstic990 Member
losername30 Member
Snickhum President/ VP
ericmc6 Loan Officer
Donofdacourts President/ VP