[souL] souLs of mischief

Leader: souLclapp

souLs of mischief believes in 3 main principles


1) Having Fun

  • We like to have the best possible time we can on muthead. We love to joke around with each other and focus on the positive things that this game and this website have to offer. We don;t want to dwell on the negatives like a lot of the threads you see on this site. Life is short, we all love mut, lets have as much fun as possible!


  • We don't take ourselves too seriously, I believe that muthead should be something that enhances the fun you can have with the game, not something that reminds you constantly of all the "negative" aspects of the game/community.


2) Enjoying Great Music


3) Helping each other be the best mut players we can be

  • Any blitzes i know, any money plays, any money formations, any coin making techniques, I want to share them all. 


  • I want members to use and share each other's tips to maximize their potentials as mut players.


  • Everyone has their go-to methods for making coins/gameplay strategy. This is a place where you are getting tips from your boys that you trust and who have your back. no sifting through the BS to find things that actually work. No hoarding the good tips, we are all a team.


  • Any tough sets of challenges like Dual Styles, we can work on them as a team. 



We Love Hip Hop Music/Music in General. I borrowed the name for this clan from the LEGENDARY Souls of Mischief from the Hieroglyphics Crew

This is a top 5 song of all time, maybe even top 2


The "Theme from the TV show Taxi" beat on this one...


so damn smooth


you never know..............


we medicate....




Minimum REQ's To Join

  • 2 Months Membership
  • 500 Posts
  • No legit negative feedback
  • We are ps4 only
  • 2 MHC fee to join (that's how much I have to pay muthead to add a new member)


Hit Me Up If You:

  1. Want To Have As Much Fun As Possible


  1. Enjoy Dope Music (any genre)


  1. Are Down To Help Your Boys and Have Your Boys Help You


Clan Bank: 0 Muthead Coins 



souLclapp 18 Muthead Coins
chargers50 2 Muthead Coins
DawgPound23 2 Muthead Coins
blitzfist 2 Muthead Coins
SMOKEYYY 2 Muthead Coins
Jigga__MAN 2.5 Muthead Coins
PiffCity21 2.07 Muthead Coins
Mrmutmillionare 2 Muthead Coins
User_Skill 2 Muthead Coins
shalfour 2 Muthead Coins
Smokin_jeffries 2 Muthead Coins
ballachick3 2 Muthead Coins
Fattmo721  2 Muthead Coins



Guest Donors:
Croll_(the mack)Daddy: 1.5 MHC

Xctitan: .5 MHC

saintsfan42: 1 MHC


Member Rank
souLclapp Primo
chargers50 Primo
DawgPound23 Primo
blitzfist Equites
Jigga__MAN Equites
PiffCity21 Equites
Mrmutmillionare Equites
User_Skill Equites
shalfour Equites
Smokin_jeffries Equites
ballachick3 Equites
Fattmo721 Equites
MostHaze_NYC Equites
Andrewhack91 Equites
chinospikes_35 Equites
Trenchfoots Equites
MUMBAI123 Equites
EvilEmpire1990 Equites
pickupthestix16 Equites
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