[AofO] ArmyofOne

Leader: Croll_Daddy




                                 THIS CLAN IS FOR

                              CURRENT and FORMER MEMBERS 

                                          of the

                    United States Military





Requirements to join  

       * Must Be a Muthead Member for 3 Months

  • * Interview Process: Our Leadership Team will interview the Candidate.
  • * During the interview Process , candidate may be asked to increase his OVR +5 (If a Bronze OVR) or +3 If already a Silver OVR
  • *The Candidate must Have a Verified Vouch Thread of 10 MHC OR provide 3 Positive Feedback  pertaining to trades ,MHC deals, or giveaways - only 1 giveaway related)
  • * 2 MHC to pay for your new slot in the clan


~ Upon acceptance into the clan you will be required to host a giveaway for the community

~ Looking for established and/or active members of the community

~ All consoles are welcome

~ PM Croll_Daddy to Join



XBox One 

SectioN8sClutcH - GT - SectioN8sClutcH - Army

Devinemag - GT - Devinemag - Navy

GJP05 - GT - perezgj - Air Force

shachmo - GT - shachmoX - Navy

sbdraptor - GT - Not A Real Evo - Air Force

Patriot173 - GT - Patriot173 - Army

Shazam1203 - GT - EpicTux - Navy

Evidence86 - GT - Evidence86 - Army

damaddenaddict - GT - damaddenaddict - Army

cbos1124 - GT - ViGiLaNtExBoS49 - Army

SkunkB3ar - GT - SkunkB3ar - Army

WranglerThree - GT - - Army (Active)

pinstripes - GT - pinstripes4ever - Navy

Riadrnatn77  GT- raidrnatn77 - Navy

Treydmarq- GT-  treydmarq- Army

XBox 360 

Human462 - GT - human462 - Army (Active)

PS4 Down

TheMosh - PSN ID - The___Mosh - Navy (Active)

Croll_Daddy - GT - croll_daddy - Army

PTdangerous - PSN ID - PTdangerous - Navy (Active)

Xcitan - PSN ID - Xcitan - Marines

AJones7304 - PSN ID - RuppJones - Marines

Mersedaddy - GT - Army





Insurance on Trades: INNOCENT until PROVEN Guilty - PM Croll_Daddy immediately if you feel you have been scammed by a member of AofO

Insurance Rates: Elite Muthead OVR - 500k coins, Gold Muthead OVR - 250k coins, Silver Muthead OVR - 100k coins, Bronze Muthead OVR - 50k coins

Elite Members - shachmo; Croll_DaddyPTdangerousSkunkB3arXcitansbdraptorPatriot173; WranglerThree

Gold Members - pinstripesHuman462; TheMosh; ; Evidence86AJones7304:SectioN8sClutcH;

Silver Members - Devinemag; GJP05Shazam1203damaddenaddictcbos1124Mersedaddy

Bronze Members -

Recent Giveaways







Member Rank
SectioN8sClutcH Founder 2015
Croll_Daddy Clan Leader
GJP05 Active MH Member
pinstripes Active MH Member
Raidrnatn77 Active MH Member
mrmikerat Active MH Member
Hambone_MM Active MH Member
schachtam Active MH Member
Gigaware247 Active MH Member
dostlfan5 Active MH Member
Cport81 Active MH Member
Hotpotato9939 Active MH Member
Devinemag Personal Leave
shachmo Personal Leave
TheMosh Personal Leave
damaddenaddict Personal Leave
Xcitan Personal Leave
Human462 Personal Leave
tbabes Personal Leave
Patriot173 Sick Call
SkunkB3ar Sick Call
AJones7304 Sick Call
WranglerThree Sick Call
Wynlorn Sick Call
Koehler4Hire Sick Call