[LXBX] Legit XBOX Members

Leader: TWOManySkillz
This clan is for members of the Legit XBOX Members list, comprised of the most trustworthy members of Muthead on the XBOX 1 and 360.                
Please refer to the right of the page for console                >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                
Beefborrower   GT: Beefborrower
gooze99   GT: goose0123
TWOManySkillz   GT: TWO Many Skillz
LunarP123   GT: LunarP MAFIA
iMuteLittleKids   GT: iMuteLittleKids
Da_Rippa808   GT: mKluvin69
itsmaysen   GT: Prime zR 
TryHardMUTPlayer   GT: TryHardC0DGamer
XXJordanIII   GT: XXJordanIII
ptownscottie   GT: Ptownscottienbg
Pwall53   GT: pwall53
D2KDuFFy   GT: D2K DuFFy
momafat   GT: momafat
ItsFallout709   GT: Its Fallout
snipe4min    GT: Snipe4min
Marino1384   GT: SAE phi alpha 9
CowboysFanTillDeath   GT: SiC MuStAnG
Oil710   GT: jfig210
hewitt80   GT: x HEWiiTT x
kb72   GT: ZombiKilla72
Initial Requirements-                 
Vouch Thread- At least 25 MHC vouched                
1000+ post count (Must be Active)                
Member for 6+ months (Must be Active)                
If you meet the initial requirement and would like to be considered please post here:                 
Please do not apply if you don't meet the requirements, as you'll be automatically rejected.                
Current Clan Muthead Coins count - 21.63 
Member Muthead Coins Donations                
This clan and its members are in no way officially endorsed or sponsored by Muthead.com or any affiliates                


Member Rank
ItsFallout709 XBOX 360