[MLL] MutLegitLLC

Leader: richknine

Hey all you Mutheaders out there!  Have you been looking for a clan?  Are you very legit?  Do you want more than the average clan?  Well look no further here comes the MutLegitLLC!  

Who are we?

We are a group of legit people from both EA Forums and Muthead who got together and made our own mini-forum.  This mini-forum has a handful of great helpful guys and is 100% scam free.  Any member of this clan gets invited to our forum.

What system do we play on?

We currently have members on all systems besides 360.  Any and all applications are being taken at the moment

How legit do I have to be to join?

Very, we haven't decided on a certain feedback score needed yet but let's just say I'd reccomend a lot and having done deals with at least one of us in the past.  

What is the cost of joining?

Like all other clans there is a cost to join.  We are currently charging 2.3 MC so we can keep paying for new spots and all of the the extra MCs go towards giveaways/tourneys that will be held in the future.

Last of all*

We will be having a 500k insurance policy for all members of the clan if they scam.  If any member of the clan scams and it is proven then the clan will provide the person with the cards he/she was scammed out of.  If the person was scammer for more than 500k worth of cards the clan will provide 500k after tax to the victim.


I hope to see a few of you guys out there looking for a clan come apply to us!

Current clan funds: 6.55 MC


*We do not support wagers with non-clan members.  If there is a dispute in a wager we are in no way responsible for settling it.  In some cases however there will be refunds if you can prove one of our members has welched you.



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