[MIA] Maturity Is A choice

Leader: flex1515




About the Clan

We are truly a Brotherhood, and are proud to call this clan our home. This clan is all about being a part of something greater than yourself.




Clan Requirements

6+ months on muthead

85+ muthead overall

*Contact flex1515 if interested in joining.




Member Rank
JDSpade Board Member
bamabeast2015 Board Member
Bhawk Board Member
Winner Board Member
flex1515 Trusted Middle Man
silentkiller128 Trusted Middle Man
basebaldy1 Trusted Middle Man
chrisbhedrick Trusted Middle Man
xXKnightMare1 Trusted Middle Man
sfennell3 Trusted Middle Man
CabbagePatchKids Family
TeeceeTP Family
Candy Family
BlairWalshPrjkt Family
_cesarboy Family
vucomedy Family
Habsfan51 Family
ArrowofAres Family
Esko5150 Family
ChaseUA Family
DaveyBoss88 Family
zombie_jon Family
twikoff Family
SurvivorFan4Ever Family
Detox_Arazos Family