Leader: Mr_Poppagorgio



[J] Jocular
     [E] Ethical
          [D] Distinguished
               [I] Insightful




JEDI Mantra

Emotion, yet peace.              (Emotions must be understood and delt with)
Ignorance, yet knowledge.   (Understand all sides of a situation and learn from it. Share what you learn to make the clan stronger)
Passion, yet serenity.            (Never act rash, Keep calm and Madden on)
Chaos, yet harmony.              (Everything has a purpose. Failure, disappointment, and disagreements are a part of MUT. We must carry on)
Death, yet the Force.              (The force supersedes death just as the brotherhood of [JEDI] will supersede Madden)



Welcome to JEDI! We are a clan of MUT lovers of all skill levels. Our members will be expected to show a high level of integrity and s.elf discipline. Although the expectations are high we encourage all members to express themselves freely with a respect to other members of MutHead. Members will be held accountable to the Mantra.


Our go al is to become a leading clan in the MutHead community by contributing in the forums in a fun and respectful manner as well as fair trading with other members. Tournaments and giveaways are a great way of giving back and we plan to host several throughout our time here on MutHead.

We welcome anyone interested in joining our clan to apply. A thorough review of your site history will be reviewed to determine your eligibility. Although we are in the building stage, we will not compromise our standards for the sake of gaining members. Come be a part of the birth of what will become a great clan.

1. 500+ posts - You must be an active member of the site (exceptions made on a case by case scenario)
2. 3 Months on MutHead
3. 15+ MHC Vouched preferred - Verified on Official Vouch List (Current Members need to be actively working to get placed on Official vouch list)

4. Must be helpful and/or have had a prior giveaway (Determined through application review)

5. Must be 70+ OVR

6. Must be age 18+ (exceptions made on a case by case scenario)


Please send PM to the following JEDI to apply:

PS3 and PS4 Doomtime1 or Mr_Poppagorgio

XB360 and XB1 CheesyGenie or TraeSkywalker

Madden Mobile Mr_Poppagorgio or Cavi49ers



Cost of membership: 2 MHC (non-refundable) 




 Clan Ranks:


Jedi Master: 

The highest formal rank obtainable by a member of the JEDI MUT Council. Reserved for those who have shown exceptional devotion and is well balanced in the Force. These individuals are responsible to keep order throughout the clan,  enforce the clan rules and philosophy, and determine membership into the Council. As a Jedi Master these individuals will also determine if any offense requires discipline. 


Jedi Knight:

This rank is given to members of the JEDI MUT Council that prove to truly be assets to the MUT community either through prior achievements before joining the Council or by showing exemplary achievements after being accepted. These are some of the best members MutHead has to offer and will always represent the clan to the highest standard.  


Newest Padawans are expected to follow the JEDI Mantra and are held to the high standards expected from the clan. Typically these members will work their way to becoming great JEDI Knights by being helpful and positive in the forums and/or by holding community giveaways. 


Current Members by Console:



JEDI Masters

  1. Mr_Poppagorgio   
  2. Doomtime1   

JEDI Knights

  1. chunt316
  2. enfuego68
  3. Bigdoom44
  4. Stoney_05
  5. JohnnyTClemson
  6. Sneaky83_PS4
  7. splitlimits2040
  8. hulk7280
  10. TyLo21
  12. BigMeanPossum
  13. xylo7
  14. Dr_Zman



JEDI Masters

  1. CheesyGenie
  2. TraeSkywalker

JEDI Knights

  1. tohayes123
  2. Demosquad197
  3. DaedricDawg
  4. Bubbawillis08
  5. PikeFish40
  6. dRTrumpetmonkey
  7. geaux03
  8. bobbydang
  9. Pidge                 Founder of Gambler's Paradise - Click here for today's link
  10. ChadH83
  11. awsomeguy408
  12. Elswick37
  13. vNYJETS


XBOX 360

JEDI Knights

  1. Sad


  1. Sad



  1. tohayes123
  2. Cavi49ers
  3. Erynapolean7777


JEDI Clan Funds: 0 MHC


JEDI Hall of Fame:

GermanPex  1 Muthead Coins Donation

pdcameron .5 Muthead Coins Donation


Clan Signature by xylo7


Clan Signatures by xistand4thisx


Signature Donated by GOPACKERS2909:



Member Rank
Mr_Poppagorgio Jedi Master
Doomtime Jedi Commander
CheesyGenie Jedi Commander
Cavi49ers Jedi Commander
TraeSkywalker Jedi Commander
Stoney_05 Jedi Commander
Sneaky83_PS4 Jedi Commander
chunt316 Jedi Knight
enfuego68 Jedi Knight
tohayes123 Jedi Knight
Demosquad197 Jedi Knight
DaedricDawg Jedi Knight
Bigdoom44 Jedi Knight
Bubbawillis08 Jedi Knight
PikeFish40 Jedi Knight
splitlimits2040 Jedi Knight
Trumpetmonkey Jedi Knight
geaux03 Jedi Knight
DSOWERBY Jedi Knight
bobbydang Jedi Knight
Pidge Jedi Knight
TyLo21 Jedi Knight
Erynapolean7777 Jedi Knight
DigitalChampion Jedi Knight
awsomeguy408 Jedi Knight