[BRUH] Bruh's of Muthead

Leader: OrangeCrushMuT

Hey you!!! Come over here and read this 

Look at you, now look at us!!!!

If you ain't a part of BRUH you ain't real enough!!! 

Are you a somewhat known member of this site? Are you kind of trustworthy? If so, then you still aren't qualified enough to join this clan. This clan is for the top tier members of this site. BRUHs are well known throughout the community and are known to be very helpful.

Once again, this clan is for members that are well known, non-members like Mossbomb, Da_Rippa, Quanycash, Eater, Knightmare_413 and a few others(you know who you are!!!) that have a great reputation on this site and help the community when they can.

This clan is for those who have Kanye's answers.

Do you have what it takes to find those answers?

Were you with us shooting in the gym while we taught MJ how to dunk?

Did you teach Picasso the ways of art?


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