[Evo] MUT Evolution

Leader: xRF88x_Junior

MUTEvolution was a site created by Rocketz, Wizzle3, and DezpicableD. Over time members of this community were known as some of the most legit in the MUT community. With a chat box, It made it easier to build up your rep and making friends in and around the MUT world. At one point there was a rigorous entry reqirement where you had to start in the guest forums to prove whether you were legit or not.Once you got onto EVO you were consideredtrustworthy however there were the select few that did stray away from that.If you had to use EA for deals being on EVO made a difference cause people recognized and 9/10 would go 1st if they saw the legit and trustworthiness from you. It was like this cause EVO members were supported by vouches from trades. Many EVO members had high feedback which was key on who you could trust. MUTEvolution had some of the most legit members around and also some of the best people around the MUT community!


Member Rank
ragingcougar Silver
EvoStevie Silver
Jabum Silver
AlfonzoTheGardeer Silver
Buhfalo Silver
joejoemomo Silver
BEARS Silver
AJGreen8808 Silver
Mattyboy Silver
DezpicableD Silver
Moneyyy7 Silver
DHG_The_Tip Silver
MutMasterMike Silver
Kevin Silver
egreenmonster Silver
jnoles22 Silver
Evan Silver
elracing21 Silver
nashxo Silver
ThumpingBird Silver
2MuchSwag Silver
Bouddyy21 Silver
PanchoVilla55 Silver
TD_N_Beers Silver
Ayala Silver