[SnS] Stars and Stripes

Leader: Gord0

Welcome to the SnS (Stars and Stripes) Thread 
looking for former or current military and first responders , i served in the US ARMY for 4 years and would do it again if needed , i have nothing but high respect for people who put their life on the line to keep us safe 
Requirements to join  
        Must have served or are serving in the Military or police Department 
        Must Be a Muthead Member for 3 Months
 Must Be Gold or higher ovr
 Member must be in good standing with the Muthead community
 Free to join , your MHC will be paid by me and the donations to this clan 
 Looking for established and/or active members of the community
All consoles are welcome
private message Gord0 if you would like to join 






   Jetter----Navy (Active)

   Addict856----Air Force




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Jetter Member
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