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Becoming Greatness Project



Here at BG, we pride ourselves to be role models in both the Muthead Community as well as win the real world. Regardless of race, gender, or religion, our clan consists of only the best and top quality members.  Some perks associated with being a BG Trainee include, but not limited to:


- A group PM where we discuss all things from life to madden

- A separate betting pm to discuss the bet of the day

- An MHC Loan shop available to all members

- Monthly competitions to win fun prizes

- And more surprises in store!


To be accepted into BG, you first must follow the application requirements:



- 500+ Posts

-75+ overall

- 2 MHC for the application fee (non-refundable)

- Possess high character and standards

- Get along with other members

- Member for at least 5 months



BG Trainees will all share the same rank. This rank is called " On the Road to Greatness"










DONATIONS Hall of Fame: 

 Thank you to all the generous members out there!

 ~Nolster99: 0.91 MHC

~ diimsday1044: 1 MHC




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