[REBL] ReliableEnlightenedBandOfLeaders

Leader: AquaInferno




About Us:

We’re a diverse clan with members from different backgrounds and from all over the world. Our common interest is of course Madden and football but we all like different sports, games and forms of entertainment. What makes us different is our no politics no BS approach. We’re all about thinking for yourself and having your own opinion and guts to do things your way. At the end of the day it’s a video game that brought us here so we like to keep it simple.


Requirements to apply:

2 Muthead Coins (nonrefundable)

Gold MH tier or higher (limited exceptions may apply)

500+ posts or more

It’s best to send a PM to either AquaInferno and/or PDCameron before applying to the clan even if you meet the requirements above.


Member Rank
AquaInferno Leader
pdcameron Leader
Hodgey33 Rebel
KillaKam55 Rebel
Saviors Rebel
hball97 Rebel
ST3313R_NaTioN Rebel
frivera210 Rebel