[OAK] One of A Kind

Leader: i4luvofthegame

I'm a busy person, got no time for lies, One of A Kind! They don't see it, I pull out they eyes, I'm on the rise!





I had an epiphany, I was repeating history. I was doing everything I hated, The weight on my shoulders, I let it all get to me. I let it all get to me....

I had an epiphany, I just smiled at my enemies. I was listening to everybody who was talking, But never did $hit for me


I had an epiphany, What if I took my energy, And used it on positive things in my life, Instead of the people that lie to me, huh?






Try to keep up with this, I’m not a puppet, no string on my back, I’m One of A Kind!!!



Welcome to One of A Kind clan page! 


One of A Kind is not your ordinary hit request to join and you’re in clan. This is not your hey checkout our clan page and join clan. This is not a clan where the leader only cares about clan rank and score. This is not a clan that has 30, 40, 50, 60 + members that don’t know each other. This is not a clan for 99% of you reading this.


This is a clan that you will make close relationships with everyone. This is a clan that build trust and friendships with one another that far exceed any other clan on muthead and that also far exceed a video game website. This is a clan that will spend days chatting with you before you join to make sure you’re a good fit for us and that we are for you. This is unlike any other clan here..


All admissions into One of A Kind are free. There will never be a charge to join. 




Member Rank
i4luvofthegame One of A Kind
jrad7080 One of A Kind
BDavis7 One of A Kind
Lb33wonka One of A Kind
Jd67 One of A Kind
EPS1234 One of A Kind
Davisthefreeman One of A Kind
seahawks618994 One of A Kind
Purplep1199 One of A Kind