[BULL] Be Ultimate Live Limitlessly

Leader: ryanromprey12


Welcome to [BULL] 

What is Living Limitlessly?

     When you think of living your life do you think of just living to get by? Or do you think of living to get further in life and always try new things? If you are trying to live life limitlessly you are always doing things to their full potential and trying to do them even better. There are always ways to improve what you do. Living limitlessly is finding what you are passionate about and going after it. It's about taking your goals and crushing them. 

What is Being Ultimate?

     To be ultimate you must show no mercy, nor have any belief whatsoever in how others judge you...for your greatness will silence them all. Live strong, act bold, be brave - nothing's too hard to do, ALWAYS believe. 



What are [BULL]'s requirements?

  • Contributes to the Site Positively 
  • Good Post Quality
  • No Scammer Tag
  • Not mandatory but strongly encouraged to join our GroupMe chat


What are [BULL]'s core values?

  • Respect - From clan mates to moderators to the community, we want to promote respect to others. Go back to 4th grade when you were taught the "Golden Rule": Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  • Fun - Madden is fun, and that is what has brought us all together here on this website. We want all of our members to enjoy their time with us and have fun!
  • Positivity - To always maintain and sustain a positive and optimistic attitude, even in the face of negativity.
  • Being ULTIMATE - The best achievable or imaginable of it's kind.


How do I become apart of [BULL]?

If you do have interests in joining us, please feel free to PM either myself, or any other member of [BULL]. As stated previously, there is a 2 MHC fee to join our clan due to the costs of opening up slots for new members. New members will be subject to a PM with the Founding Council (we aren't as scary as that sounds, I promise) to see how they will fit into the clan. There is no true interview process.


[BULL] Member Rewards!!

     Here at [BULL] we believe in providing incentive to all of our members. As much as we promote being fun - we also want to remain competitive and be ULTIMATE members of the Muthead community. In doing so we currently offer these exclusive rewards to all of our members:

  • Every 1K posts earns you .5 Muthead Coins
  • Reaching ELITE status earns you 1 Muthead Coins
  • Reaching LEGEND status earns you 2 Muthead Coins

**Total Rewards Given: 1.5 Muthead Coins

1/14/18 - MeMike84 [10K Posts] .5 Muthead Coins     1/15/18 - iamsamuell3rd [Elite] 1 Muthead Coins

Meet the members of [BULL]

The Founders:

Animated GIF                                                                                                                              ryanromprey12 - Location: Kirksville, MO | Console: PS4 | Favorite Teams: Kansas City Chiefs, St. Louis Cardinals, Mizzou Tigers & St. Louis Blues | Favorite Food: Chicken Parm | Favorite Band: Drake | VOUCH THREAD

Animated GIF                                                                                                                              Mchewy - Location: Morganton, NC | Console: Mobile | Favorite Teams: Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Braves & North Carolina Tar Heels | Favorite Food: Ice Cream | VOUCH THREAD

Animated GIF                                                                                                                              bringbacktheoilers - Location: Albuquerque, NM | Console: Xbox One | Favorite Teams: Houston Oilers, San Francisco 49ers, New York Jets, UNM Lobos & Michigan Wolverines | Favorite Food: Cheeseburgers | Favorite Bands: Run the Jewels & Devin the Dude | VOUCH THREAD

Animated GIF                                                                                                                              iamsamuell3rd - Location: Anaconda, MT | Console: Xbox One | Favorite Teams: New England Patriots & Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) | Favorite Food: Good Seafood | Favorite Bands: Red Hot Chili Peppers & Metallica | VOUCH THREAD

Animated GIF                                                                                                                              MeMike84 - Location: Kings Park, NY | Console: Mobile | Favorite Teams: Denver Broncos & Houston Astros | Favorite Food: Cheeseburgers & Skirt Steak | Favorite Bands: Red Hot Chili Peppers & Led Zeppelin | VOUCH THREAD





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