[TAO] Together As One

Leader: PhillynGood

Welcome to the official clan page for TAO

     We are Together As One



Mission Statement: Hanging out, having fun, being ourselves, helping out.

Our Goals: Our primary goal is to provide a chill environment where anybody can feel welcome and be comfortable enough to hang out.

TAO is built with the principle of being as big and intricate a member as you wish. Welcome to the ‘Clan of Opportunity’ where you can get out what you put in. Here at TAO you may see a certain role established, but every member has a say and vote in the progression of the group. There’s expected to be good times and bad, but no matter what we move Together As One.



Official Clan Thread Lombardi TrophyFeel free to come hang out with us here

Giveaways Current Muthead Coins 

Closed- Intro Giveaway


Graphics- Under Construction TBD Exclamation


PhillynGood- vouch thread


Membership Inquiry- TAO is always looking for active members that want to be part of a better MH experience. Please contact Philly with any inquiries to join.

Requirements (subject to change)-

As a new clan, requirements are per basis by member. 



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