[PACK] The Pack

Leader: TheLegend5632

We are The PACK!

We are a clan that loves to have fun while being legitimate and positive members. 

We want to keep this website a fun and helpful place for everyone we come across.

When you are with The Pack, it isn't about how much you post or what your overall is. It's all about you as a person.

Clan Ranks:

Founder - One of the people that have been here since day 1 and maintain The Pack

Pack Warrior - One of the amazing members that have become one with The Pack


The Pack:


RaiderLegendSF (Founder)Rep / Vouch Thread MM Player Reviews - MM


Shemmar2K (Founder) - Rep Thread / Vouch Thread - The Pack MM League - PS4/MM


TheLegend5632 (Founder) - Rep Thread / Vouch Thread - GFX Shop - PS4/MM


Bennevala (Pack Warrior) - Rep Thread Vouch Thread - MM

C1TYH1CK (Pack Warrior) - Rep Thread / Vouch Thread - MM/XB1

Holzanos (Pack Warrior) - Rep Thread Vouch Thread - PS4/XB1

Mikequinn12 (Pack Warrior) - Rep Thread / Vouch Thread - GFX Shop - MM/XB1

Realitychek (Pack Warrior) Rep Tihread / Vouch Thread MM

Scallywhagg (Pack Warrior) - Rep Thread / Vouch Thread - GFX Shop - MM

Stinger82 (Pack Warrior) Rep Thread / Vouch Thread - MM

Zascott (Pack Warrior) - Rep / Vouch Thread - MM

Army0f0ne99 (Pack Warior) - Rep Thread / Vouch Thread MM

Steel_city_32 (Pack Warrior) - Rep Thread / Vouch Thread - MM

Elireed236 ( Pack Warrior)  - Rep Thread / Vouch Thread - MM/XB1- GFX Shop


Psycho_kid (Pack Warrior) - Rep Thread / vouch Thread - MM


Nerdystraw  (Pack Warrior) - Rep Thread / Vouch thread - MM/XB1

 MMFTW (Pack Warrior) - Rep thread / Vouch Thread 

Richmondfs (Pack Warrior)Rep thread / Vouch Thread- MM

 Americasteam421 (Pack Warrior) - Rep thread / Vouch thread - GFX shop


Yarrrgo2_0 (Pack Warrior)  - Rep thread / Vouch thread 


Sadsmilez (Pack Warrior)   - Rep thread / Vouch thread 


Bolt21 (Pack Warrior)  - Rep thread / Vouch thread




To Apply:

To apply please message a Founder or a Recruiter

Here are some of the things we look for: (Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis)

-75 overall

-500 posts

-Member for 1 month

There is also the standard clan fee of 2 Muthead Coins (Non-Refundable)

Donation Hall of Fame: 1.75 Muthead Coins

Dylanh0024 - 1.00 Muthead Coins

raidersnationdg - Clan Art

Rdalvi - .25 Muthead Coins

Yacht - .50 Muthead Coins


Clan Signatures:




















Member Rank
RaiderLegendSF Founder
TheLegend5632 Founder
Scallywhagg Pack Warrior
Stinger82 Pack Warrior
zascott Pack Warrior
realitychek Pack Warrior
C1TYH1CK Pack Warrior
Holzanos Pack Warrior
mikequinn12 Pack Warrior
Bennevala Pack Warrior
Army0f0ne99 Pack Warrior
Steel_City_32 Pack Warrior
EliReed236 Pack Warrior
Psycho_Kid Pack Warrior
MMFTW Pack Warrior
richmondfs Pack Warrior
americasteam421 Pack Warrior
yarrrgo2_0 Pack Warrior
SadSmilez Pack Warrior
flyingblue4me2 Pack Warrior
Red_alpha2000 Pack Warrior
OhCaptain20 Pack Warrior
SupBraMadden Pack Warrior
clutchnisu Pack Warrior