Leader: c_gmz


About Us:

 BOSS is a group of like-minded Sincere individuals that hold ourselves individually and collectively to the highest standards.  We believe in maintaining a genuine and optimistic attitude on Muthead.  While we consider ourselves to be a mature group, we also make sure we have fun along the way.

  -  Slack chat and Clan PM;

  -  Fantasy Football League (coming soon);

  -  Giveaways: Private intra-clan giveaways will be held monthly;

  -  Clan Loans: Available to established members, pending approval by clan leadership;

  -  GFX: Members will receive 1 static avi upon joining / discounts on future gfx available; 


Requirements to Join:

 We are looking for active and positive members of the Muthead community that exemplify the BOSS mentality.

 (Exceptions may apply on a case-by-case basis):

   -  Member for at least 1 month

  -  500 Posts

  -  A vouch/rep thread with evidence that you are a trusted trader

  -  80 ovr (can be waived) 


 How to Apply:

 Contact any member of BOSS via PM or Slack Chat and you will receive an application / interview PM.

  -  There is a 2 Muthead Coins fee to join, this is non-refundable.


Rep/Vouch Threads:

c_gmz (BOSS Leader) - Rep Thread / Vouch Thread

DoomsdayBuzz (BOSS Founder) - Rep Thread / Vouch Thread

jokervw (BOSS Founder) - Rep Thread / Vouch Thread

Darrellknouse (BOSS Recruiter) - Rep Thread / Vouch Thread

DaZeD4dAyZ (BOSS Recruiter) - Rep Thread / Vouch Thread 

Jeepind (BOSS Recruiter) - Rep Thread / Vouch Thread

AdamJunior (BOSS Official) - Pending

AirSquad (BOSS Official) - Rep Thread / Vouch Thread

atomikfootball (BOSS Official) - Rep Thread / Vouch Thread

coachbeard (BOSS Official) - Rep Thread / Vouch Thread

CurtisMcElrath (BOSS Official) - Rep Thread / Vouch Thread

gohogsgo71 (BOSS Official) - Rep Thread / Vouch Thread

Mpjuiceman (BOSS Official) - Rep Thread / Vouch Thread

NemBear (BOSS Official) - Rep Thread / Vouch Thread

nitmatrix (BOSS Official) - Rep Thread / Vouch Thread

Paco16101 (BOSS Official) - Rep Thread / Vouch Thread 

PickleJMaster (BOSS Official) - Rep Thread / Vouch Thread 

steelernation (BOSS Official) - Rep Thread / Vouch Thread


[BOSS] Donations:

  -  c_gmz:  17  Muthead Coins

  -  JokerVW:  10  Muthead Coins

  -  Doomsdaybuzz:  5  Muthead Coins

  -  CurtisMcElrath:  2  Muthead Coins

  -  Acura2nv:  1  Muthead Coins

  -  DaZeD4dAyZ:  1  Muthead Coins

  -  Diimsday1044:  1  Muthead Coins

  -  Darrellknouse:  1.4  Muthead Coins

  - Jeepind:  1  Muthead Coins


Donated by: PickleJMaster

 Donated by: AirSquad





Member Rank
c_gmz Founding Member
CurtisMcElrath BOSS Official
PickleJMaster BOSS Official
steelernation BOSS Official
NemBear BOSS Official
gohogsgo71 BOSS Official
AirSquad BOSS Official
Mpjuiceman BOSS Official
Atomik BOSS Official
Mikemal1424 BOSS Official
miligree8 BOSS Official
Taco_Ninja BOSS Official
Lucas275 BOSS Official
Hhhope BOSS Official
subzeroground Member