[USSR] Putin the Head back in MutHead

Leader: Vladimir_Putin

Be glorious, our free Motherland,
A reliable stronghold of the peoples' happiness!
Banner of the Soviets, Banner of the people,
May it lead from victory to victory!

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Cool  SF5k - Donated Muthead Coins for a custom clan rank

Cool  JT543 - Queen Bee and filtercreator.xyz

Cool  Yacht - Donated Muthead Coins for the inaugural Ration Lottery

Cool [DPRK] - Ally Clan




Member Rank
Vladimir_Putin Supreme Soviet
Jcurtismm Commie
johnjameson21 Commie
ghericurl Commie
user-13799278 Commie
knole17 Commie
user-23482014 Commie
MOStateBear Commie
ccooper555 Commie
trank78 Commie
Wrucksters Commie
OrangeCrush20 Commie