[GOD] Tebowmania

Leader: Swish4141



I call all yee to celebrate perhaps the greatest quarterback ever to live, Timothy Tebow and his span of 11 games and 2 playoff games known as Tebowmania where he gave spark to a losing Broncos team and shocked the Steelers in overtime of their playoff game. The great Tebow had 3 total touchdowns and 366 total yards with no interceptions that game. During the span of Tebowmania with his wing-man Jesus Tebow got 18 total touchdowns to only 6 interceptions despite being one of the most frequently pressured quarterbacks in a single season with 43% of his dropbacks seeing him under pressure of some sort.


Members & Ranks (PM me if you meet the reqs and want to join)

Rwhite84 - Stud [Board] ***Legend Status***

Swish4141- Swoosh6969 [Board](Leader)

Raidernation123 - Huskynation321 [Board](OG)

Seahawksman123 - Chrisi's towel boy

Downybear7 - Chief Sanitation officer 

Unique_Lunatic- Dr.House

RicanRocks- Meek mill bros with Matvoo

Morphiii- Mr. Clueless

Mutcardreviews2- Official Genitals reviewer 

CrimsonCyclone- Manti Te'o

HoosierDaddy- Raise Your Bortles 

xBosch24- Andrew Luck's neck beard


Official Lineups of Tebowmania





Recruitment Thread

This is our official Recruitment thread: http://www.muthead.com/forums/community/muthead-clans/312046-official-god-recruitment-thread


To apply you must have 20+ vouches, 500 posts, and must be a member for at least 6 months, rare exceptions might be made to one of these standards. Acceptance is based on the Bo5 vote of our Board members(indicated above). If you are interested in joining, please PM Swish4141 Here.The charge to join is 2 MCs just enough to cover the cost of me making more slots. We only accept people we know we can trust, we will not take welchers or people accused of not being legit in any capacity. This is for any system not just exclusive to one. When accepted, you can not leave this clan within a 2 month period. Those accepted into this clan get the distinguished title of being an honorary Tebowmaniac.                        






Member Rank
rwhite84 ATL blew a 28-3 lead
RaiderNation123 The TeBoard
Swish4141 Saquads is my daddy
downybear7 316
seahawksman123 316
Unique_Lunatic 316
ricanrocks 316
mutcardreviews2 316
Crims 316
xBosch24 316
HoosierDaddy 316
reactshadow 316
YouJustGotBaited 316
PonyBoy4418 Member
NolaCane Member