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Welcome to FAM. To be in FAM, you have to act like FAMily. We pride ourselves to be the Friendly, Accepting, and are the next generation of Madden players. This clan is meant for people who can chill, have a good time, and stand up for what’s right.


About Us

We're a chillax clan of millennials who like to play and talk about Madden. We play Madden 17, NBA2k17, and even mobile games such as Madden Mobile, NBA Mobile, and myNBA2k17. PM Mpham_21 if you're interested in joining.



You Must be a Millennial (We are the next gen of MUTheaders!)

2 Months On Muthead



+100 Posts



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2 MHC To Join (Standard fee to join clan as it costs up 2 MHC to buy and open up a spot)






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