[JFF] Just for fun

Leader: bank_ballers

Clan signature made by Braskilla (the best out there!)

Welcome to the [JFF] clan page. This clan is designed for guys that like football and enjoy Madden (all modes, including mobile). If you're a casual gamer that plays the game as a hobby, this is the place for you. We have the structure of many clans, but offer maximum flexibility to remain as individual as you'd like. We also help each other with our Madden/MUT obsession. Lol!


We aren't into drama or causing issues. We're committed to being a positive influence to this great Muthead community and it's members. Our primary objectives are to have fun, share ideas, grow your MH reputation/OVR and most importantly, build an online family. The intent isn't to grow to a very large number of members just to add members... We want a smaller, tight knit group that can help EACH member achieve what they want from their online experience. After all, this is a game and hobby. You should have as much fun as possible, right? We offer standard membership as well as  leadership positions, which will increase your OVR on Muthead even more than just being a member of the clan. If you have a goal, we can help you get there with a lot of support. Smile 


*JFF Requirements:

- No Scammers

- Active member

- Vouch thread not required, but helpful

- Cost of membership is 2 Muthead Coins (non-refundable)

* Send any questions and requests to bank_ballers


Clan recruiting thread: [JFF] Official recruiting thread


Clan ranks:

Fun Council - Leadership team. Each member makes clan decisions

Fun Police - In charge of Giveaways, promoting JFF on MH

Fun Recruiter - In charge of searching for MH members looking for a fun clan

Fun Member - Awesome members of JFF


bank_ballers vouch thread

Oldbutcanstillball vouch thread

Bosko vouch thread

Lee8170 vouch thread

Sdbolts760 vouch thread

JulioMena93 vouch thread

Hev702 vouch thread

Bhallic24 vouch thread

miafins vouch thread


Member Rank
bank_ballers Fun Council
Bosko Fun Council
lee8170 Fun Council
Matthew2172005 Fun Police
ollever99 Fun Police
Sdbolts760 Fun Recruiters
miafins Fun Member
Broncos2004 Fun Member
andy4569 Fun Member
FattyMcButterpants Fun Member
martyr1968 Fun Member
roguedecksunite Fun Member
Xxswaggerp84xx Fun Member
Lextheimpaler88 Fun Member
Enigma172 Fun Member
dtemel135 Fun Member
DAwaldo Fun Member
HitMeOnMyPeja Fun Member
JulioMena93 Fun Member
Warlordwarriorj Fun Member
carolinafan1203 Fun Member
Lkap728 Fun Member
airspy100 Fun Member
xprimematrix Fun Member
Frenchyinthecut Fun Member