[P21V] Primetime Vibez

Leader: Cerndog



Welcome to Primetime Vibez!!!

Here at Primetime Vibez, we only bring good vibez to the muthead community, being prime examples of trustworthiness, integrity, selflessness, and a Muthead community member. Deion Sanders once said "Water covers 2/3 of the planet, I cover the rest". We as Primetime Vibez must cover the community with a positive influence and cover all the qualities of a generous, honest, and active community member. As a Primetime Vibez member there is a standard to live up to in order to bring good vibez throughout the community and make it the best it can be.



1) No excessive or uneccesary profanities on the forums. Every now and then is tolerable though if it can be avoided, please don't, but don't set a bad example for the clan and make the Muthead experience less fun for anybody else. And any racial, sexual, or political slurs will cause immediate removal from the clan as well as GD (the lord's name in vain).

 2) If you feel the need to discuss politics on the forum or in the clan, be respectful and understanding of the other side. No personal or political attacks. Keep it civilized.

 3) Please avoid negativity on the forums. Grievances can be posted every now and then regarding EA but nobody likes seeing all the hateful posts about the game consistently.

 4) Check in with the clan at least once every two months so we know you still care and aren't just using the Muthead OVR boost. This is a family and a place to have fun. The more people involved throughout the forums and the clan, the better.

 5) Good Vibez Only Smile


Requirements to join:

-1,000+ posts

-6 months+ tender on site

-5+ MH Honor


Membership type breakdowns:

MRPrime- That's me!!! The founder and creator of Primetime Vibez, MRPrime himself Very Happy

PrimeVibez- These members show exemplary integrity and vibez all around the forum! They're extremely active in the community (2,000+ posts and 1+ year tenure on the site) and show off PRIME Vibez everywhere they go!

GoodVibez- These members show GOOD vibez all around the community being active and show model Muthead behavior.


 No Entry Fee Until Further Notice!!! Very Happy


Member Rank
Cerndog Owner
Mr_Primetime_21 MRPrime
J_Man30 PrimeVibez