[ROOT] Research and Development

Leader: NathanJM0

We are a clan focused on Research and Development. Alas, "R&D" could not be our name, due to limitations on the use of "&".


Thus, we abbreviate our clan "root" for several reasons:

1) Foremost, we root for the best in people. We encourage a positive environment and a collaborative spirit.

2) Root implies origins, beginnings. We are a new clan, starting fresh.

3) Root implies technical power. We use our knowledge of math, statistics, and computers to further the interests of the Madden Mobile community. We contribute to the betterment of the community by publishing interesting findings and tools from our research and connections.  Some examples from our members include:

  • The formula for OVR
  • The Ultimate Sniping Filter Creator
  • The Play Call Assistant / Counter Predictor
  • Weekly UL Puzzles


Candidate members for this clan have demonstrated contributions to the community that are in keeping with the purpose of the clan.


Member Rank
NathanJM0 R&D Director
Alfonsorod2003 R&D Director
Tee543 IT Specialist
realrkennedy IT Specialist