PEPE is the latest in a series of upgrades in a now 3 year old clan. Known as the home of the Betaholic's Dolphouse. More info coming soon. Reach out to JMC to join our dolphouse slack chat with some of the most influential members on the site!



- Be a positive contributor to the site

- We are open to any age group. Friendship transcends age. 

- Must have at least 3 Months of tenure on Muthead

- Must be an active and helpful member.  No scammers. Duh.

- If above requirements are met, you may be invited to a Q&A with PEPE clan leaders

- Joining any clan on Muthead costs 2 MHC. This MHC is not for personal use, but rather to open up a new clan spot. However, if you get accepted to this clan, we'll happily cover the cost for you.

[PEPE] Clan Rules:

- Be a class act and treat everyone else with that mentality

- Members will not brag about clan score, as it is not always representative of ones reputation and vice versa. It's kinda irrelevant anyway.

- If someone makes a disrespectful comment towards PEPE, just ignore them. Hoes mad, lmao

- No drama allowed! (This was an old rule from UIHD but this clan has honestly endured so much drama that it's ironic at this point, so it stays)

- If you are inactive for a period of more than 1 month without letting the board members know, You will be removed from PEPE due to inactivity.



Any and all MHC Donations can be sent to jmcinsanity. These donations will be used for clan giveaways and to generally give back and improve the site.



Free clan sigs for all PEPE members! Shoutout to Hawks GFX for the great work!




Member Rank
panduh18 Lieutenant
bowlerivory Lieutenant
BossmanHG4 Sergeant
romeischillin Sergeant
sconnell87 Sergeant
Tonierstraw1865 Sergeant
chandlerr85 Sergeant
ncinqueg Sergeant
Babynoze Sergeant
trashingthecamp Sergeant
mmslay Sergeant
soigne Sergeant
WaltzerWhite Sergeant
PlayingMUT Private
frank770504 Private