[REAL] The REAList

Leader: hookrightthur





Who is REAL? 

[REAL] Ranks: Hokage, Shinobi Shroud, Shinobi

Hokage: The 7 Hokage of the [REAL] Clan oversee the strategic direction by developing the structure, planning, and trajectory of the Clan. They establish and lead clan missions. The 7 Hokage carry themselves with honor and always put the Clan and the MUTHEAD community first. On 7/23/16 The 7 Hokage founded the [REAL] Clan.

The 7 Hokage of [REAL]



  • Background: b7k201 [REAL] Hokage's Rep & Vouch Thread
  • Ninja Name: B7
  • Village: Madison, WI
  • Teams: Packers, Bucks, Brewers, Badgers
  • Weapons of Choice: XB1, Hattori Hanzo Sword
  • Ninja Powers: Instant Transmission, Sharingan, & Flight



  • Background: Hooks Word
  • Ninja Name: Hook
  • Territory: Western Slope Rocky Mountains, CO
  • Teams: Broncos, Nuggets, Tarheels, UK Wildcats
  • Weapons of Choice: PS4, Naginata
  • Ninja Powers: Telepathy



  • Background: DJ1JRY Voucher/ Rep Thread
  • Ninja Name: DJ
  • Village: DFW Metropolis, TX
  • Teams: Cowboys, Rangers, Spurs & Mavs
  • Weapons of Choice: PS4
  • Ninja Powers: Stealth 



  • Background: Robdog66 rep/vouch thread
  • Ninja Name: Rob
  • Village: Louisville, KY
  • Teams: Redskins, Penn State Nittany Lions, Louisville Cardinals
  • Weapons of Choice: MM
  • Ninja Powers: Noxious Anal Gases



  • Background: Allen's vouch thread
  • Ninja Name: Ninja Cat
  • Village: Evansville, IN
  • Team: Broncos
  • Weapons of Choice: PS4, M25 (PS3), Uchigatana
  • Ninja Powers: Ninja Cat Reflexes



  • Background: mikev1952 Rep/Vouch Thread
  • Ninja Name: Mike
  • Village: Orlando, FL
  • Team: Eagles, Red Sox, Celtics
  • Weapons of Choice: MM, Dual Swords
  • Ninja Powers: Weapons Expert 



  • Background: Oak724 Vouch Thread
  • Ninja Name: Iron Oak
  • Village: Pittsburgh, PA
  • Team: Patriots
  • Weapons of Choice: Hands
  • Ninja Powers: Blast Double


Shinobi Shroud: Elite Ninjas who have distinguished themselves through their service and commitment to the REAL cause and the MUTHEAD community. Shroud warriors work closely with the Hokage to develop Clan missions and they are the leaders on the ground during Ninja excursions. They are talented and vital to REAL's success.


  • Background: FrankieGoRams-rep-thread
  • Ninja Name: Wu Tank
  • Village: Dayton, Ohio
  • Teams: Rams, UK Wildcats
  • Weapons of Choice: XB1 Scuff and Properly Inflated Balls
  • Ninja Powers: The Ability to Steal Other Ninja Abilities






  • Background: Gokous-rep-vouch-thread
  • Ninja Name: Gokou
  • Territory: Dallas, TX
  • Teams: Cowboys, Mavericks, Rangers, Stars
  • Weapons of Choice: XB1, Masamune
  • Ninja Powers: Super Speed & Agility




Shinobi: Ninja Warriors that are loyal and committed to the REAL cause. They are disciplined and do whatever it takes to better the Clan and the MUTHEAD community. Shinobi are REAL's Ninja Force that execute missions assigned by the Hokage. 






Vouch Thread: -murals-vouch-thread

Ninja Name: Mural

Village: East Bethel, MN

Team: Vikings

Weapon of Choice: Bo Staff, PS4

Ninja Power: Shadow Possession


CrazyGoose24 ninja GIF

  • Background: -crazygoose24-rep-thread
  • Ninja Name: Goose
  • Village: Chicago, IL
  • Teams: Cubs, Bears, Bulls, Notre Dame
  • Weapon of Choice: XB1
  • Ninja Powers: Aggression / Loud Squawking 





Pass the Hokage's test to become a [REAL] Shinobi!

While [REAL] is open for new Shinobi recruits to add to our ranks, we do not have aims to be a massive clan or a stepping stone to another Clan. We are only looking for mature and respectful MUTHEADers with flawless reputations. Quality over Quantity is our Ninja Way. All potential applicants will go through an interview and majority vote process with the [REAL] Hokage.

REAL Shinobi will never scam, welch, or manipulate others.  Our word is our bond.  If our members violate this trust they will be removed without hesitation.  The MH community can feel safe dealing with members of [REAL].

[REAL] will never be a Clan that tries to siphon MHC from it's members and was established with the purpose of enhancing the MH experience for our Shinobi and the community. 


If you are interested in becoming a [REAL] Shinobi, here is how you will need to train:


  • MUTHEADERS who are committed, active, trustworthy, and keep it REAL in the Clan and the Community
  • Been on MH for at least 3 months and are active in the forums
  • Create and maintain an impeccable Rep and/or Vouch Thread (No history of scamming, welching.)
  • Always respect the [REAL] tag and represent us well in the MH Community
  • Cost of Membership: 2 Muthead Coins (Non-Refundable) - you will be credited on Clan Page for all donations made to [REAL], even the entrance fee, which is required to open new Clan spots on MH.



Clan Contributions: [REAL] would be nothing without the combined generosity of it's members. Transparency is a must to be REAL, so every single contribution is listed below.


Community Donations: Being REAL, means being generous with the MH Community. All Member Donations to Clan Giveaways are listed below.

  • hookrightthur - 2.5 Muthead Coins , 3 $20 PSN Card, 8 Target Codes, 99 Ovr Loyalty Luke
  • RobDog66 - 3 Muthead Coins
  • dj1jry - 3.5 Muthead Coins ; $20 PSN; $10 PSN Card, 2 Target Codes, 4 99 Ovr PS4 Cards.
  • Allenb23 - Muthead Coins
  • mikev1952 - .5 Muthead Coins , 2 $10 Google Play Cards 
  • b7k201 - 4 Muthead Coins , M16 Content, 2 Target Codes
  • FrankieGoRams - 2 Muthead Coins , 2 Target Codes
  • Oak724 - 2 $20 iTunes Gift Cards
  • Yacht - 2 Muthead Coins ; 400k MM 


Community Donations to REAL: The generosity of the MUTHEAD Community to the REAL cause is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your support!


Community Contributions Paid for M17 Madness:

3 custom GFX peices by jimmyv723

1 Muthead Coins   from SukAtMut


Clan Equity: To honor the Hokages sacred oath to remain transparent, every single donation is accounted for below. 

  • Clan MH Fee - 10 Muthead Coins
  • Hokage Rank - 4 Muthead Coins
  • Open 2 Member Slots - 4 Muthead Coins
  • Open 2 Member Slots - 4 Muthead Coins
  • Open 2 Member Slots - 4 Muthead Coins
  • Open 2 Member Slots - 4 Muthead Coins
  • Shinobi Rank - 4 Muthead Coins
  • Shinobi Shroud Rank - 4 Muthead Coins
  • Clan Coffer - 9 Muthead Coins
  • Total Equity - 47  Muthead Coins 







Clan Sigs:



















Member Rank
b7k201 Hokage
mikev1952 Hokage
hookrightthur Hokage
dj1jry Hokage
Allenb23 Hokage
RobDog66 Hokage
Oak724 Hokage
FrankieGoRams Shinobi Shroud
Gokou Shinobi Shroud
IrrelevantMural Shinobi
CrazyGoose24 Shinobi