[FATE] From Ashes To Empire

Leader: BogusBirm


 "It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul"
-William Ernest Henley

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to [FATE]! While our clan is new, we're a family with roots that go way back. Our brotherhood delves much further than the game of madden, we talk sports, gfx, and anything else you can think of. We are a true family, and if you are not committed to joining our family, please look elsewhere.

-[FATE] in the community

We love to give back to the community through our giveaways and gfx contests. [FATE] members hold themselves to the highest standard in the community, they are respectful, welcoming, and honest. We are very strict that members of [FATE] not cause any drama within our clan, or the community, any drama will result in permanent banishment from the clan. We ask that all members of the clan stay active in the forums, as well as our clan PM's.


Minimum of 1500 posts
A vouch/rep thread
At least 2 months on Muthead
2 Muthead Coins entrance fee (non-refundable)

If you are interested in joining our brotherhood, please contact one of the clans leaders: BogusBirm, Braskilla, Dpmx21, Primetime_Vol. If you have not met all requirements, and are still interested in joining, shoot us a pm and we'll more closely evaluate your profile.


BogusBirm (Founder)

Braskilla (Leader)

dpmx21 (Co-leader)

Primetime_Vol (Co-leader)

miket5 (Co-leader)

cyclone_fan (Board member)

MUTandstuff (Board member)

gfunk81504 (Board member)

ukwildcats24 (Board member)

Drew_412 (Board member)

Antferneyyy (The Guard)

Team48Kryptic (The Guard)

rockchalk531 (The Guard)

jj703 (The Guard)

Njh2222 (The Guard)

Linc215 (The Guard)

westenger (The Guard)

DaUsah11 (The Guard)

SethFreakinRollins (The Guard)

Anurap (The Guard)

jforlines (The Guard)

CookiesInTheVCR (The Guard)

UserGameSplash (The Guard)

WolfOfAlbion (The Guard)

LBJ (The Guard)

Bmattar2 (The Guard)



Founder- The clan's founder, BogusBirm.

Leader- The leader shares power with the founder, he/she is in charge of clan activities, important decisions, recruitment, and promoting/demoting members.

Co-leader- The co-leader(s) take part in important clan decisions, they lead the clan in the event of a missing leader/founder.

The Board- These members are involved in important clan decisions, and organize giveaways, contests, and other community involved events. As well, they take part in decision making for new members.

The Guard- These members represent [FATE] in the community and are excellent examples of our clan's values. They are involved in giveaways, contests, and some clan decisions,also Locating potential new members to be added to the clan


[HIT]- 4 MHC's

Thanks to all who donated Very Happy


Members/Vouch Threads


BogusBirm 140+ Muthead Coins

Braskilla 160+ Muthead Coins

Primetime_Vol 90+ Muthead Coins

dpmx21 180+ Muthead Coins

miket5 85 Muthead Coins

MUTandstuff 70 Muthead Coins

Antferneyyy  35+ Muthead Coins

andycrystal47 55 Muthead Coins








cyclone_fan  130+ Muthead Coins

gfunk81504 100+ Muthead Coins







**[FATE] GFX**

Braskilla gfx zone

Ants gfx

Cyclone_Fan GFX Shop


Member Rank
BogusBirm Leader
Braskilla Leader
Primetime_Vol Co-leader
dpmx21 Co-leader
miket5 Co-leader
cyclone_fan The Board
gfunk81504 The Board
MUTandstuff The Board
ukwildcats24 The Board
Drew_412 The Board
Antferneyyy The Guard
rockchalk531 The Guard
jj703 Butters
Njh2222 The Guard
Linc215 The Guard
DaUsah11 The Guard
westenger The Guard
Anurap The Guard
CookiesInTheVCR The Guard
UserGameSplash The Guard
WolfOfAlbion The Guard
Bmattar2 The Guard
KennyDaCleanerOmega The Guard