Leader: Mabenx

Welcome to [HERO]!

[HERO] stands for Honesty, Excellence, Respect, and Optimism
Honesty: We take pride in always being honest, trustworthy, and upholding the highest standards of integrity.
Excellence: We always try to do the best that we can, and we help others around the community to do so as well.
Respect: We respect the community by always listening to the opinions of others, regardless of status or rank on the site.
Optimism: We always are positive and try to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience on this site.

Mission Statement:

We at [HERO] want to exemplify these traits within the community. The goal of [HERO] is to make each and every member on this site feel welcome as well as to help clan members be the best that they can be in the community.

How To Join:

PM Namtih21 or Mabenx to apply. They will assess your application and interview you within the next one or two days to see whether the clan is the best fit for you.  There is a customary 2 MHC fee to join.


President: In charge of leading and managing the clan.  Also in charge of finding recruits, managing clan funds and giveaways, and setting a positive example within the community.
Hero Hierarchy: In charge of managing day-to-day operations of the clan, including voting on applicants.  Also in charge of helping the President make decisions pertaining to the clan.
Hero: In charge of representing the clan in a positive manner by being responsible and showing respect towards clanmates as well as to other clans and members in the community.

Requirements to Apply:

MH Overall: 75+ OVR
Account Age: 3+ Months
MHC Balance: 2 Muthead Coins (Clan Fee)
Post Count (Recommended): 1000 Posts


Of note: How you carry yourself matters more than post count.  If you're outside the parameters above, but handle yourself respectfully throughout MutHead, that carries a great deal of weight.  At the end of the day, we just look for people that fit our Clan Mission.






Member Rank
sullysullinburg The GOAT
Dliebs97 Hero Hierarchy
Mabenx Hero Hierarchy
matt9ers7 Hero Hierarchy
JTCarpenter Hero Hierarchy
Nickgo Hero Hierarchy
SportsFan5000 Hero Hierarchy
LiamHURLEY Hero Hierarchy
Namtih21 Hero Hierarchy
Clippers32BG Hero Hierarchy
jim89402 BBB
ClutchBucks9 BBB
LaVarBall BBB
GoBears54 BBB
xistand4thisx Hero
skaterat_day15 Hero
Mooks101 Hero
Some1 Hero
MicVick7 Hero
TheKingDan11 Hero
bLu Hero
ScottySevere Hero
umbra_007 Hero
MiamiFan123 Hero
sportsrule1 Hero