[REET] Regular Everyday Equal Traders

Leader: UBBulls35

                       Welcome to Regular Everyday Equal Traders, or REET Clan.


This clan is for anyone looking for a group of active, cool, and most importantly legit muthead members. We plan to grow and expand so we will review any and all applicants! The only requirement is that you have a vouch/reputation thread to show you are a legit mutheader. If interested in joining, just PM UBBulls35 the clan leader


There are many benefits to joining a clan. First of all, it will immensely help you build rep. It shows you have an investment in muthead and being legit. It also allows you to be part of a group of chill traders who you can trust to borrow and let borrow cards, coins or mhc, we will always have each others backs. Lastly, joining a clan greatly helps your prestige. It will give you a solid boost to your muthead overall, which is never a bad thing!


In order to join a muthead clan, it costs 2 MHC. This MHC does not go to the members of the clan, it is paid to muthead to create a space in the clan. This is also non-refundable. If you decide to leave REET at any time, please note that you will not be refunded 2 MHC. We also do not kick members out unless they commit a serious offense. Serious offenses are usually scammer tags or getting banned for something serious or for a long period of time. If you commit a serious offense the entire clan will decide whether or not you should stay.


The REET clan is a place where legit muthead members can take the next step to involvement on the site. This clan is for legit members who want to belong to a group of legit members of the trading community as well as increase their prestige on muthead. 


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Prettyboycello Member
AbhinavAPlaysMC Member
Jakeschultz27 Member
Cambrooks13 Member
J_Flo Member
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