[RUSH] Reliable Unity Selfless Honor

Leader: MrCraig24



Welcome to the official RUSH clan page. First and foremost, we would like to thank you for stopping by! Here at RUSH we are a tight-knit family looking to improve not only ourselves but fellow Muthead members experience while on the site. RUSH is full of friends that enjoy giving help to other members and maintaining personal friendships. Each member is held to a high standard, we are a clan that is encouraged and determined to rise to the top.

Reliable. Unity. Selfless. Honor.

These are a few core values at RUSH. We look for quality members that have genuine interest to help others within the community without gaining anything in return. RUSH is a family who aims to ensure each individual's opinion is heard and never overlooked.

All potential prospects should display each of the values we maintain. New members will be asked a series of questions to determine their suitability to RUSH.



75+ ovr

500 post minimum

3+ month member

1 out of clan honor minimum

scammers will not be accepted

There is a 2 MHC fee for joining RUSH; NON REFUNDABLE 

Please contact mrcraig24 if you are interested in more information on joining! Please note that we use SLACK as our main communication for clan chat


RLA (RUSH leadership alliance) - these members are the founding leaders. We are an equal partnership and will work together on varies duties including, but not limited to: discussing and voting on new members, managing clan giveaways and clan activities and being a role model to all clan members.

RXO (RUSH executive officer) - these members are a special secondary leadership role. Duties for this role include, but are not limited to: finding prospects, being a mentor to new clan members and holding a tie-breaker vote in all RLA voting.

RFA (RUSH family alliance) - these members are what makes RUSH a family. They will be promoting our values and name throughout the community.



Fitz097: 0.25 mhc

Bigbluehouse1: 4.00 mhc

Nativepimp - 2.00 Mhc



RUSH members vouch and rep threads

mrcraig24 [X360] [MM]

nls1508 [PS4]

danavanx [X360] [MM]

mutlob [XB1] [MM] 

minkai1 [MM]

patriotssuck19 [MM]

OdellShastaJr [MM]

tghalkett [XB1]

cillidog [XB1]

russ5tide [PS4] [MM]

takeflight138 [PS4]

SadSmilez [XB1]

Bleeding_green [MM]

Nickc322 [MM]

stigliwj [MM]

BlackGoose [MM]

tralinski [MM]

jackson2014 [PS4]

rwatts35 [MM]

bolt21 [MM]

surfysurfy [MM]

covercash14 [MM]


thekingcory [MM]




Please send all donations to Danavanx