[EDGE] Iron Edge

Leader: DaZeD4dAyZ


[Iron Edge] EDGE




Welcome to EDGE! This rebuilt clan is built around the characteristics of:

Ethical - Our characteristic principals rely on good morals, something that all of us at EDGE are all about 

Dependable - The members of EDGE will always be reliable. Whether it's for advice or just need a friend we'll be there

Genuine - Everyone is authentic. We know what we bring to the table, and we're proud of it Smile

Enjoyable - The people of EDGE are all great individuals. We're here to make a difference, and to make MUTHEAD the best site we know it can be


EDGE is a family. We talk on a regular basis via Slack. If selected to be part of EDGE you will be invited to our personal Slack chat where we can all talk about whatever we have on our minds Smile


If you are interested in joining EDGE please let one of the FOUNDERS or RECRUITERS KNOW.  


Requirements: (Exceptions may apply on a case-by-case basis)

  • Member for at least 6 months
  • 500 Posts 
  • Please have a vouch thread with legitimate deals
  • Overall is not priority, As long as you hold good character to MH (no scammers), you hold good character for EDGE
  • There is a 2 Muthead Coins fee to join. Fee is non-refundable.
  • I understand we all have lives outside of MUTHEAD, and life does get in the way of extracurricular things. However, if you plan on being away from the site for an extended amount of time just let a founder know! It is extremely frustrating when someone joins any clan and is never heard from again. If we do not hear from you for an extended amount of time you will be removed from EDGE. Just let one of us know you that you won't be around and you'll be good!



Member Rank
DaZeD4dAyZ Founder
Jeepind Founder
zethious Founder
sturkiera Founder
Chance809 Founder
nitmatrix Founder
curlyhairedpuck Founder
Darrellknouse Founder
kindab1gdeal Founder
GeeMack Founder
holp Founder
tento14 Founder
TheBigNicQC Founder
Paco16101 Founder
Animalman1424 Universal Champion
googanaba Universal Champion
packers81263 Universal Champion
poop4life U.S. Champion
lenny22688 Universal Champion
xVxViiP3RxVx U.S. Champion
Jaybird1975 New School
jsdtx New School
Dante88 Universal Champion
StarryBrush162 U.S. Champion
shady21 U.S. Champion