[IRON] Ironclad

Leader: Stoic_Martyr

Ironclad Brotherhood


We are a band of brothers whose excellence is not only felt on the field but in the community as well. We strive to not only better ourselves but all those around us. We are mature, legit, active members who work together as a team to conquer all obstacles in our path.

We have a leadership structure unlike any other clan in Muthead to ensure clan stability and to make every member feel their input is being heard.


We are looking for heavily active members of the Muthead community to join our tightly knit band of brothers. We look for loyalty, respect and above all friendly and helpful members to make our clan powerful not by numbers, but by character.






Ironclad Requirements


At least 1k posts

Active MUThead member (this will be monitored)

At least 3 months on MUT website

75 ovr or higher

Must have a credible vouch thread

No scammers or welchers allowed

Council votes in all new members (leader has final say though)


Once you apply, the council will pm you, asking questions like what can you bring to the clan and so on. They will then hold a vote to determine if you can become a prospect in our clan.


Member Rank
mikeroyce Member
Stoic_Martyr Corporal
smjb1989 Corporal
Jvs810 Corporal
hineswardHOF Corporal
buggstbone Corporal
Anime Corporal
Andyoushouldfeelbad Corporal
himgotscarf Corporal
F00tballFreak34 Corporal
Mumbl35 Corporal
dlo1534 Corporal