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    • Right End

    • Left Outside Linebacker

    • Middle Linebacker

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    • Cornerback

    • Free Safety

    • Strong Safety

    • Kicker

    • Kick-Off Specialist

    • Punter

    • Kick Returner

    • Punt Returner

    • Long Snapper

    • 3rd Down Running Back

    • Head Coach

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    Price Data

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    1,873,375 2,592,900 0 0
    Player OVR XB1 Price PS4 Price 360 Price PS3 Price
    Sammy Watkins 97 695K 1.25M Unknown Unknown
    Ryan Shazier 98 180K 115K Unknown Unknown
    Dontari Poe 97 129K 157K Unknown Unknown
    LaRon Landry 96 100K 81.2K Unknown Unknown
    Patrick Peterson 95 91.0K 135K Unknown Unknown
    Aaron Rodgers 97 57.2K 83.0K Unknown Unknown
    Josh Sitton 94 50.0K 105K Unknown Unknown
    Christian Okoye 92 49.5K 41.0K Unknown Unknown
    Isaac Bruce 97 49.5K 61.8K Unknown Unknown
    Charles Woodson 97 49.0K 85.0K Unknown Unknown
    Willie Roaf 96 47.8K 48.0K Unknown Unknown
    Ryan Schraeder 94 47.1K 52.0K Unknown Unknown
    Jason Witten 96 40.5K 75.8K Unknown Unknown
    Justin Houston 97 39.5K 38.4K Unknown Unknown
    William Gholston 95 39.2K 40.0K Unknown Unknown
    Jason Kelce 97 38.0K 46.5K Unknown Unknown
    Ronald Darby 96 34.5K 31.6K Unknown Unknown
    James Harrison 96 31.0K 23.4K Unknown Unknown
    Doug Baldwin 95 28.8K 27.8K Unknown Unknown
    Maurice Jones-Drew 97 25.8K 27.5K Unknown Unknown
    Eric Berry 94 22.0K 33.8K Unknown Unknown
    Alex Boone 94 14.5K 10.8K Unknown Unknown
    Chandler Jones 96 14.2K 23.5K Unknown Unknown


    Hey guys! Im quitting MUT so im giving away all of these players. Please do not comment your  gt because people can hack you like that but you must like and comment something so I can message you if you win. Thank you.


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