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  • Defense
  • Specialist & Head Coach
    • Quarterback

    • Halfback

    • Fullback

    • Wide Receiver

    • Tight End

    • Left Tackle

    • Left Guard

    • Center

    • Right Guard

    • Right Tackle

    • Left End

    • Defensive Tackle

    • Right End

    • Left Outside Linebacker

    • Middle Linebacker

    • Right Outside Linebacker

    • Cornerback

    • Free Safety

    • Strong Safety

    • Kicker

    • Kick-Off Specialist

    • Punter

    • Kick Returner

    • Punt Returner

    • Long Snapper

    • 3rd Down Running Back

    • Head Coach

    • Stadium

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    473,750 547,875 0 0
    Player OVR XB1 Price PS4 Price 360 Price PS3 Price
    Joey Porter 94 42.2K 40.2K Unknown Unknown
    Bruce Smith 94 42.0K 46.8K Unknown Unknown
    Derrick Brooks 93 39.5K 45.8K Unknown Unknown
    Shannon Sharpe 92 39.0K 35.0K Unknown Unknown
    Gilbert Brown 92 37.4K 40.2K Unknown Unknown
    Terrell Davis 94 36.2K 35.2K Unknown Unknown
    Jason Taylor 94 34.8K 44.0K Unknown Unknown
    Brian Finneran 91 34.5K 27.8K Unknown Unknown
    John Randle 93 31.5K 42.1K Unknown Unknown
    Dermontti Dawson 92 30.2K 40.0K Unknown Unknown
    Joe Horn 92 30.1K 30.0K Unknown Unknown
    Roy Williams 93 28.4K 43.0K Unknown Unknown
    Steve Hutchinson 92 25.5K 31.0K Unknown Unknown
    Walter Jones 93 22.4K 46.8K Unknown Unknown


    To enter the contest you must private message this account for more details! 

    Also like this lineup for more in future!

    In the message say you would like to enter with your playstation username. 

    I will choose the winners on Saturday. If not many thumbs up on this the date will pushed back.

    If you pay to better chances no backing out or refunds.

    Thanks please join!!!



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