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    Here are my selections for the All-Fools (April Fools) Team:

    QB1 Rex Grossman FA - Yes I'm still in the league, somehow
    QB2 Charlie Whitehurst TEN - I love the fact that he looks like a frontman for a death metal band.  I just wish they'd have his long hair in the game and that they would let him bark out his signals as cookie-monster growls.

    HB1 Miguel Maysonet - Sounds like a video-game generated fictional player name, doesn't it?
    HB2 Rex Burkhead CIN - Here so that Grossman wouldn't be the only Rex
    HB3 Cyrus Gray KC - The name of Billy Ray Cyrus' new country band
    HB4 Michael Cox NYG - Beavis says heh heh heh heh heh heh heh


    FB Brad Smelley ATL - (BY POPULAR DEMAND) - Haircut circa 1982
    FB Mike Cox ATL/FA - Butthead says heh heh heh heh heh heh heh

    WR1 Brittan Golden ARI - Nothing says April Fools more than a bronze card named Golden.  He's not a gold card and he sure as hell is not a Golden Ticket.  He thinks he is, but we'll be coaching that out of him.
    WR2 Andy Tanner NO - Cousin of DJ and Stephanie Tanner
    WR3 DeVier Posey HOU - I had a pocket full of them
    WR4 Brian Tyms NE - Card pic looks like he's thinking up an April Fools joke
    WR5 Alan Bonner HOU - We're going to pronounce it "boner" and call it good.

    TE1 Philip Supernaw - That name tho

    TE2 Matt Veldman - It just seems right to have Mr. Pack Troll Hockey Face himself on the squad
    TE3 DC Jefferson - long-lost obscure cast member from the Jefferson's TV show 

    LT Bruce Campbell - Boomstick
    LG James Brown - gotta have that soul
    C Scott Wedige - giving them wedgies
    RG Harland Gunn - 70's B-movie star in an alternate reality
    RT Gosder Cherilus IND gold - Is that a Star Wars name or a Star Trek name?

    LE Brandon Bair PHI - pack troll who looks like he'd make a great BWW manager
    LE2 silver Jared Crick HOU - this team is going to be up a crick

    DT Jimmy Saddler-McQueen - The team needed a personal injury lawyer
    DT Matthew Masifilo - Pack troll but don't quicksell him because he's cursed
    DT Kwame Geathers - Might as well be Kwame Brown
    DT Linval Joseph - by special request!

    RE1 Chas Alecxih - Bad hair, but his last name needs to become a word so I can use it in Scrabble
    RE2 Al Woods - pack troll who claims he is Tiger's cousin

    LOLB1 Frank Zombo - Best. Italian. Name. Ever.
    LOLB2 Jonathan Freeny MIA - Dude you are so not Dwight Freeney!

    MLB1 Justin Tuggle HOU - Dude you are so not Jessie Tuggle!
    MLB2 Bront Bird FA - What is a Bront Bird?  Can I find it at a zoo?

    ROLB1 Tim Fugger NYJ - Because Gay Focker wasn't available
    ROLB2 Tavares Gooden FA - Best.  Face.  Mask.  Ever.

    ROLB3 Dan Skuta SF - My daughter asked for the car but I told her to take the Skuta.

    CB1 Terrence Frederick NO - The Hat.  Nuff Said.
    CB2 Marcus Cromartie SD - Damnit!  Why can't you play like a real Cromartie?!
    CB3 Taiwan Jones OAK -  Made in Taiwan Jones.  Kids this is why you buy American.

    CB4 Ras-l Dowling NYJ - Added to the team for his close resemblance to Ron Artest.  We hope the Madden engine will let us start a brawl in the bleachers.

    FS1 Jawanza Starling - They said he's a free safety.  But he costs 25 coins in the MUT store and I can only get 3 of him.  LIES.
    FS2 Bacarri Rambo - Worst Nightmare

    SS1 Mark Barron TB - My frustrated hit-stick specialist to take out aggression when this team plays like s**t
    SS1 Eric Frampton FA - Not Coming Alive

    P Zoltan Mesko - That sci-fi name tho
    K Garrett Hartley - proud son of Nina Hartley (google her, but not at work)

    WAS uniforms, OAK stadium - Redskins, you are changing your name AND moving to LA!  April Fools from Roger Goodell.

    Coach Mike Smith - Fired coach who will turn beet red when this team plays like s**t
    Marc Trestman offense, John Fox defense - fired coaches playbooks


    Team captains - Supernaw, Fugger, Taiwan


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